About Us

About Building a Better Future

Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation joined forces with the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis and the Indiana Builders Association to create “Build Your Future Indiana” — a program designed to:

Shift public perception about careers in the construction industry to reflect the wide range of professions available.
Make career education and awareness a priority in your community.
Provide a path from ambition, to training, to job placement as a craft professional.


This program introduces high school students to 48 careers, varying in topic, skills required, education necessary, salary, and more. We’re hoping this opens up opportunities these students didn’t know existed, eliminates the stigma of working in the industry, and shows that construction isn’t all about hammers and nails. When you work in the building industry, you’re a hot commodity. Homes always need building or renovating. It’s a secure job field, where you’ll find transferable skills to help you climb the ladder, figuratively (and maybe literally), to maybe even being your own boss someday.