Retail building in bad bruckenau: opening in just over one year

retail building in bad bruckenau: opening in just over one year

Although not euphoric, the city council has taken note of the plans for the construction of new retail space in sinnau in a predominantly positive manner. Architect gerd graf presented the project in detail. Investor erwin barth was also present at the meeting, but did not comment on the project. In response to a question from the saale newspaper yesterday, barth enthused about bad bruckenau's magnetic function: "if the location were not ideal, we would not go there." For the location a few hundred meters from the marketplace, barth also accepts that he first has to have the building rubbed down and that he has to spend more money: "a good location is always a bit more expensive than a greenfield site."

Saddle roofs and wooden facades
"We will try to design it with a timeless architectural language", graf described the project. The stores are distributed over two buildings, which in turn are located several times apart. The surrounding area will also be included: "the existing bridge runs through the plant as a footpath," said graf, he referred to the connection between sense and sensibility. At the same time, however, the water should not find its way into the facility: "the whole level is taken out of the flood zone." The land will be filled up so far that it is on the same level as the sinnaustrabe.

Bavaria stands “loyal” to hoeneb – debate about resignation

bavaria stands 'loyal' to hoeneb - debate about resignation

The bavarian gangs demonstratively bolstered the back of their ailing president uli hoeneb with emotional speeches. But the pressure on hoeneb especially from politics is increasing.

After the revelations in the tax affair and the temporary arrest of the club’s patron, on wednesday not only interior minister hans-peter friedrich and SPD chancellor candidate peer steinbruck demanded full disclosure without celebrity bonus. Two-thirds of germans expect hoeneb to resign, but he himself expects only personal damage to his image. "I realize that my credibility suffers from it. But I have to get through this now," he told "sport bild.

Restoring dilapidated houses pays off

The municipality is continuing the request program of the intermunicipal alliance schweinfurter oberland (SWOL) for investments in interior development, which expires at the end of the year, in its current form. This was decided by the municipal council with one dissenting vote. In this context, inner development means that new living space is not created by developing new building areas on the outskirts of the community, but by renovating old, vacant houses and by using previously undeveloped areas in the inner area. The bavarian council of ministers decided on two demand initiatives "land unsealing and "inside instead of outside. The municipal council voted for the participation of the municipality in these programs. This means that for many mabnahmen there are increased subsidies from the freistaat.

Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) emphasized that the SWOL demand program should above all also serve to enable young families to remain in the town. Ten percent of the demandable construction or. Renovation costs are demanded, but the maximum amounts can be determined by the member associations themselves. The demand per child is also different. The alliance steering committee decided not to standardize the demand rates.

Hardly any money for hochstadter katzogelhalle there

The request of the municipality for the municipal investment program for repair work in the catbird hall was rejected by the government of upper franconia, said mayor thomas kneipp (CSU) in the municipal council meeting on tuesday. The requested maintenance inspections are therefore postponed for the time being for budgetary reasons, with the exception of the hall lighting.

For reasons of energy saving, as a contribution to municipal climate protection and due to various failures of the existing lighting, which is getting on in years, it is to be replaced by an LED lighting system. The mabnahme would in principle be financially supported by the federal ministry for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety (BMU). According to kneipp with about 30 percent of the investment sum, which is estimated at about 30000 euro. The council unanimously supported the macceptance. The administration will be instructed to submit the corresponding request application.

Good news for the djk-sc members

At the annual general meeting of DJK-SC oesdorf, there were two positive surprises. In the last year, the board of directors has been working intensively on the issue of the sports grounds. The reason is that the sports club oesdorf owns only the land on which the sports house stands. The pitches, the parking lot and the access road are owned by seven private persons. These areas are leased from the sports club. The long-term contracts have expired in the meantime, so that the leases are only extended by five years in each case.

It was very important to the board that the sport operation is secured in the long term, therefore intensive discussions were held with the lessors. The two landlords with the largest shares of the land, oskar gobwein and oswald frank, then ceremoniously signed the new lease agreements with a term of 50 years. "This is a clear sign for the oesdorf sports club", was pleased the chairman peter munch. In the next few weeks, efforts will be made to conclude long-term leases with the other five lessors.

Back asks associations for reason

The castle meeting in steinach was very well attended. Mayor wolfgang back (CSU) gave a review of the year, offered an outlook for the coming year and answered questions and suggestions from the citizens, who among other things criticized the condition of the roads and wished for a green space in steinach.
This year and last year, numerous investments were also made, said back. This is how digital handsets were purchased for the fire departments. Investments were also made in the steinach kindergarten. Fire protection was improved and improvements made to the entrance area. A heating subsidy of 2400 euros was also granted. 2012 or. 2013 was the street lighting of the local crossings steinach and roth as well as partly in the street "am quastenberg" renewed in red. The access road at the steinach sports field had been asphalted.
The henneberg sports hall in steinach will require major investments in the next few years. Here must be strictly paid attention to the costs, said back. That is why only what is absolutely necessary can be implemented in order to keep the costs within reasonable limits. At the moment, preliminary planning is underway to determine what can be implemented. "We are taking our time to determine the costs in detail. After all, we have to stay 100 percent within budget. We cannot afford a cost explosion in this area", said back. He also addressed the tribune, which had been demanded by some associations and gave this a clear rejection. This would devour at least 300,000 euros in further costs and would be in no way financially viable. "I ask here to let reason prevail and not to push beyond the goal of what is financially feasible", he appealed. He hoped that the hall would be available again in 2015 for the carnival, but did not want to promise this date: "one must not allow oneself to be put under pressure during the tree removals."
Josef bohnlein criticized that some roads were in poor condition. He also asked if there was any money available for the renovation of the henneberg hall. Mayor back explained that it is currently being clarified which demand pots can be used for this purpose. In the future, the municipality wants to invest more money in the tram area, back continued.
Bernhard friedrich mentioned that he had asked the municipality whether it would be possible to build a could put up mirrors so that drivers could see the intersection better. Only the feeder lane is within the competence of the municipality, said back. He admitted one mistake and said that a mirror would be useful. Heinz wehner informed about the fact that there are a lot of illegal landfills in steinach and the surrounding area. "Were one here in steinach a grungutplatz erected, this was certainly no longer done", he said. Back said that there was no chance of the county building one in steinach. "You have to use the waste disposal site in bad bocklet", said back. The access road to this will be either concreted or asphalted in the next time. Helmut schuck criticized the location of the "grungutplatz" – the central point of the market community would have been hohn and not bad bocklet.
The local spokesman for hohn, jurgen reub, criticized the fact that a manhole cover in hohn had settled at least seven centimeters at the turnoff to bad bocklet. In addition, in front of this cover, a section of the road was only covered with gravel, and the road was therefore in a poor condition. Back explained that experts believe that the acceptance must be postponed until spring – it is too cold for asphalting work. But the damage has been recorded and marked.


Ber operators review flight restrictions early in the morning

Ber operators review flight restrictions early in the morning

A few weeks before the state elections in brandenburg, the discussion about more night-time rest at the future BER airport in the german capital is gaining momentum.

The airport company wants to find out whether domestic flights in germany will improve in the period 05.00 a.M. To 06 a.M.00 can be avoided, the owners announced after a shareholders’ meeting in potsdam on thursday.

Signs in steinbach and kehlbach look like new

Signs in steinbach and kehlbach look like new

In steinbach am wald and kehlbach, both locals and foreigners have recently been welcomed by restored place-name signs. The burial signs have been refurbished by the building yard and now look like new again.

Wind and weather

"Grub gott in Steinbach A. Forest" and "dug god in kehlbach" it is emblazoned in female script on the equally hospitable and god-fearing welcoming grave at the respective local entrances. Wind and weather had left their mark on the plaques – and also plenty of new paint was needed for both the lettering and the wood.

Forest windows: a firework of embarrassments

Forest windows: a firework of embarrassments

Who doesn’t know it: you have a birthday and you don’t get the birthday present you wanted, but a frying pan or a water barrel. Actually one wished itself a cruise, however the better half rafft it simply not. This is what happens to paula hauslein on her 59th birthday. Birthday. Her son doesn’t teach a bride and her husband gives her some impersonal frippery. Regina rosch’s partly shallow comedy "bachelor party is certainly a firework of embarrassment, but also of strange shame. With inventiveness and a lot of spirit, the friends of the waldfenster theater moved the pivotal point to waldfenster, more precisely, to the parish center. The result was a hearty piece that stimulated the laughing muscles and the tear ducts in equal measure.

The "high german the group around the chairwoman of the theater association translated into the local dialect. Rude, but never below the belt, the theater friends told an everyday story with a lot of situational comedy and playfulness that simply thrilled the audience. Impressive also the sophisticated stage decoration.

Professional burglars get away with large sums of money

Professional burglars get away with large sums of money

Actually, everything looked quite normal when store manager mario sommer came to his netto store in the further strabe on sunday. But then he noticed that unknown persons had gained access without permission. "The sliding door in the entrance area was apparently pried open", says summer. When the burglars then made off, they simply pushed the entrance door shut again.

Sommer immediately called the police. Since there was initially no sign of the robbers, the officers initially suspected that the thieves had gained access to the store via the roof, as is often the case with such burglaries. This assumption turned out to be wrong.