Luisa and the strong men

The scene is reminiscent of kate winslet and leonard dicaprio on the titanic: a muscular young man lifts luisa seemingly effortlessly into the air, she spreads her arms and appears to fly. This happened at the calendar girl party in neumarkt, which was organized by the bavarian young farmers’ association on saturday. At the event in the jurahalle there, all six bavarian models – the other six calendar pages were designed by girls from austria – were presented to the audience.

Luisa schnapp had organized a bus ride from frauendorf to neumarkt beforehand. She invited her whole fan club. No fewer than 58 people accompanied the 20-year-old toolmaker to the upper palatinate region of germany. Parents, aunts, uncles and friends were part of the party. "On the way there, everyone was already cheering for our calendar girl luisa", reports father achim schnapp.

Pastor preaches around the world

Pastor preaches around the world

The evening in the well-attended erloserkirche begins with jaunty jazz music from electric piano (konrad buschhuter) and double bass (nikolaus durst). People with red wine glasses stroll through the decagonal architecture. In front of the altar: a speaker’s platform with microphone stand. Unusual impressions for a church. But all this is nothing compared to the trampling, whistling and cheering of the audience, which will be heard again and again in the church hall during the next three hours, as it is usually only known from the public viewing of the soccer world cup.

There had never been an event like this before in bamberg. Poetry slams now take place in almost every city in germany, but today, in addition to three students, five pastors from the region are competing to recite their texts. The topics are as open as the texts she writes are heavy: "god and the world".

The music in the gobweinstein basilica touches the spirit and the senses

"I am impressed by this concert, everything fit", said the respected composer and music professor karl haus.

He had traveled to gobweinstein especially from schweinfurt to hear how one of his own compositions sounded in the basilica. The pre-christmas concert of the district's cultural prize-winners is undoubtedly a high point in the music year in forchheim. It is certainly gratifying to win a prize.
But to sing and make music worthy of the prize for many years is an even greater challenge.

A french village fair where everything is as it should be

A French village fair where everything is as it should be

The small town of hochstadt had a wonderful kerwaw weekend. Stefan kramer, the new chairman of the fire department association that organized the festival, was enthusiastic. "It couldn’t have been more beautiful, even the weather played along", he swarms "and with this well-coordinated team of eager helpers, everything runs smoothly."

Everyone benefited from the relaxed atmosphere and even the burgermeister showed up regularly, even if the biengarteners poured their own beer. In addition to a rich offer of food and drinks, there was again the opportunity for a cosy chat and get-together on the rough terrain around the fire station. While on saturday evening with gerald and manu two professional musicians played, the musical interludes on friday and sunday afternoon could almost be called spontaneous.

In neufang, young and young-at-heart sang music at the action day

In neufang, young and young-at-heart sang music at the action day

The local kindergarten was a guest at the senior citizens’ group neufang. Together, the "music in bavaria" day of action was a success celebrated. There was singing, dancing and playing that it was a real joy.

For many years, there has been a close relationship between the catholic daycare center st. Laurentius neufang and the local senior citizens’ group an intimate friendship. The joint meetings are guaranteed to be fun and entertaining.