Munnerstadt: a dirty present for the building yard

The employees of the city's building yard are used to a lot when it comes to mull. Over the holiday season, the head of the building yard, stefan sluzar, had another particularly disgusting treat. At the parking lot "oberes tor unknown persons have disposed of household garbage in coarse quantities.

Andreas simon has reported the mull to the city. He regularly passes by the parking lot and finds that the garbage baskets there are often stuffed with waste that really belongs in a garbage can. But what he has now discovered makes him shake his head. "This is not normal", he says.

Trunk full of mull

The garbage from the parking lot takes up the entire, not small, trunk of the building yard service vehicle and smells disgusting. Someone has used the waste baskets and the neighboring pit next to the toilet block at the upper gate to dispose of all kinds of residual rubbish and foodstuffs. Sausage, canned fish, butter, cucumbers, ham and chocolate cream are all included. It looks like the culprit has been cleaning out his fridge and cupboard over the christmas holidays. The waste baskets on the parking lot are always filled with various gauze, female stefan sluzar.

The litter baskets in the parking lot are often filled with large amounts of litter, not just candy wrappers or used handkerchiefs that are left over during a car ride or a walk. But he has never before experienced food being disposed of on such a large scale at this site. All in all, the head of the building yard is observing an increase in the number of wild mull deposits, even in the open countryside. He has the impression that again more things are disposed of this way. Only recently the construction team found a sofa in a corner. Even electrical waste ends up in nature again and again, a circumstance that is completely incomprehensible for the building yard manager, because electrical waste is accepted in the city's building yard on a weekly basis. The employees there even help with the carrying, if a part should be once too heavy, Female Sluzar.


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