Vw plans new edition of the phaeton luxury sedan

Vw plans new edition of the phaeton luxury sedan

The chemnitz daily newspaper "freie presse" had reported on this on wednesday. However, the company rejected information that the new phaeton is to roll off the production line as early as 2015. No definite decision has been made on this yet, volkswagen said.

The phaeton will be produced in the glass factory in dresden. It was considered one of the favorite projects of former VW CEO and current chairman of the supervisory board ferdinand piech. While the high-tech model has not been able to assert itself on the german market for a long time against the competition from BMW or mercedes benz, the wolfsburg company has scored points with the phaeton, especially in asia. 70 percent of luxury cars sold by VW to the far east.

In particular, rising demand on the chinese market has stimulated business in recent years. The middle kingdom ranks first in terms of buyers, ahead of germany. Followed by sud korea, russia and the united kingdom.

According to the VW manufactory, phaeton sales in 2011 were 10,270 units. According to the interrogation, it went back to 9332 cars in 2012. At the moment, around 500 employees in the factory produce an average of 48 phaetons a day. The glass factory had planned for 150 luxury cars a day when it started up more than ten years ago. However, the hopes have not been fulfilled so far.


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