Schumann wants a feel-good community

The overcrowded inn testified to the aurachtaler’s raw interest in their community. The incumbent mayor, klaus schumann (uwb), who will also be running in the 15. Marz, who is running for mayor again, had invited guests to the jordan inn in falkendorf. For the non-punctual visitors there was then only standing room left.

After looking back over the past six years, the mayor introduced "each other" to the company in the foreground. In this context, schumann mentioned the "IG kinder" with its offerings to children and young people, particularly in the vacation program. Also the joint "dirt-away day" or the garage toboggan as well as the joint new year’s eve party or skiing in the partner community of reichenfels contributed to the community’s cohesion.

After presenting the candidates of the uwb, schumann went on to discuss the important issues of the coming years. In his opinion, election programs and their goals should not be oriented to the timeline of an election period, but had to show the long-term and sustainable tasks of a municipality. Thus, the m takedowns under the city construction order were for several periods. What are all the issues of the future really about?? The mayor gave the answer himself: the preservation and improvement of the quality of life, infrastructure and social coexistence.

In the future, the unparalleled natural environment of the aurach river is to be taken more into account and areas, in particular water-bearing ditches, are to be restored to their natural state where land conditions allow it. In the coming years, all streetlights will be successively converted to LED and a near-warming network is to be installed in the area of the school streetlight.

Traffic divides the towns

However, the traffic problem will not be solved so quickly. Around 16,000 vehicles pass through aurachtal every day, dividing munchaurach, falkendorf and neundorf in two. "We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that a bypass road is included in the plans.", promised the mayor.

For despite all the local political tasks, planning and implementation, it’s primarily about the people. "It is the task of local politics to ensure that people, whether young or old, whether they have moved here or have lived here for a long time, regardless of skin color or nationality, enjoy living in aurachtal and feel comfortable here", explained schumann in conclusion. Because community also means community.

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