The cross with the gyro

No matter whether the katzenbach theater group, who performed as moles, "this is our ball" or not, or the BSC lauter, which, as a direct neighbor of the newly created traffic circle, glossed it with three groups, almost always the one currently "decorated" with three crosses kreiselberg in the focus of local groups.

The katzemicher dance group "the koalis noticed that the traffic circle was still missing some color, but the "kreiselgartnerei" (alex fehr and family) (alex fehr and family) liked to change. However, it is questionable whether the BSC players from the city of lauter will like this, as they see the traffic circle as their fourth sports ground. Still others not only acted as traffic circle builders, but also founded a traffic circle management team, complete with traffic circle trash can and traffic circle politician, in view of the new traffic obstacle’s grossness. Others, on the other hand, find the whole traffic circle too fast and prefer to go for a ride. But, among the 33 fub- and wagengroups there were not only locals, but also several groups from stralsbach, waldfenster, oehrberg, stangenroth and even hausen and most of them could admire the lauter traffic circle in nature on their way home. To "pull" him, as on one of the floats currently three crosses, one of which, however, already had to bow to the weather. The march of the costumed groups lasted a good hour, and the gaudiwurm ended in katzenbach at the local musicians’ home.


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