An association crosses borders

Two towns, two counties – one association. This has been working for almost 20 years in the easternmost corner of the district of lichtenfels. A part of burgkun-town has crossed the "border" a merger with one from mainleus (district of kulmbach). After the separation due to the 1976/77 territorial reform, what once belonged together was thus brought together again.

After the mainroth municipal council had already voted on 28. The town of mainroth had voted 7:4 in favor of incorporation into burgkunstadt on august 1975, but the residents of rothwind, fassoldshof and eichberg, which belong to mainroth, had spoken out against it. For the time being, incorporation was not considered. In january 1977, mainroth joined burgkunstadt, without the associated villages that felt part of mainleus.

Since then, the county boundary has run between the town signs, which are one kilometer apart. 25 years after the separation, the clubs FC mainroth and vfb rothwind-fassoldshof were reunited on the soccer level. Personnel difficulties led to a cooperation of both football departments. The forces were bundled from 2002 onwards. The vfblers competed across the county border in the fubballkreis lichtenfels, to which they felt connected over the years. The mainrother belonged to it already.

Three general meetings

The fact that two independent clubs still existed under the name of SG roth-main could be seen, among other things, in the fact that there were still two soccer fields. "We played nine home games in rothwind-fassoldshof and six in mainroth, where there were not even dressing rooms", tells long-time chairman andre heinz. In addition, there was an enormous organizational effort. Not only did two squares have to be maintained, but three general meetings always had to be held, one for the vfb, one for the FC and one for the SG.

From 2011, the two teams played only in rothwind and one year later the official merger took place. "Within three hours, we have held three extraordinary general meetings", heinz remembers. At 6 p.M. In mainroth, at 7 p.M. In rothwind and at 8 p.M. In fassoldshof. "Three clubs were made into one, says the 49-year-old and reports only two or three club resignations. The merger had already been planned in the 1990s, says heinz. "The resistance in the clubs, especially from the older members, was still too strong. In the meantime, everyone has probably found his peace with the SG", says the self-employed financial broker.

In 2012, the year of the merger, the sg roth-main celebrated its sporting highlight – the district league championship and promotion to the district league. Almost would have succeeded in the march through. As runners-up, however, the sglers failed in the relegation to the district league. Since the relegation in 2018, the kickers again compete in the district class.

But the club’s life does not revolve around the fubballers alone, even though they are by far the largest division. With four teams and about 45 players, the table tennis department represents the SG in the games. In addition, there are two gymnastics groups. With 25 heads they contribute to the club size of 450 members.

The members of the three departments meet regularly at the annual kick-off party (as a substitute for a christmas party). Like most of the SG’s festivities, it takes place in the village hall in mainroth. Together with the voluntary fire department, the music club, the freundschaftsbund singing club and the concordia cycling club, the SG operates the building at the railroad stop. The photovoltaic system on the pent roof pays for maintenance.

Many events during the year

The sg members provide a tidy inflow into the club’s coffers by organizing and helping out at festivities such as the kerwa, preisschafkopf, johannisfeuer, wiesenfest, faschingstanz and at the end-of-year event of the primary and secondary school. "However, this fell flat in that year", regrets chairman daniel vonbrunn. The 29-year-old took over the club’s leadership from andre heinz this spring shortly before the corona pandemic outbreak. He found it "difficult to hand over his business after 30 years in an honorary position" to hand over his business. "The club is a matter of the heart", says heinz, who, however, handed over a financially sound club to vonbrunn. Nevertheless – the loss of income from the business operations at home games with further costs such as grounds maintenance were there this year. "We received corona aid, and there was also a grant from the kulmbach district office," says the 49-year-old, says vonbrunn.

The butcher is more concerned about the next generation of employees. Together with FC burgkunstadt, the youngsters from the towns on the county border play in the JFG kunstadt-obermain. The youngest (e-juniors and younger) play with the kids of FC schwarzach. "For a few years, we neglected the work with young talents a bit. Now that only a few players from the JFG are finding their way to the SG roth-main, it’s becoming more and more important. Most of them go to FC burgkunstadt", says heinz. In the E-youth now again many children come after. Around 20 boys and girls regularly attend training sessions. Maybe this will result in a women’s fubball team again, which existed from 2006 to 2017.

Vonbrunn and the soccer department are currently focusing on finding a new coach for the 2021/22 season. Due to the corona season 2019/21 things got mixed up. The coaches who had agreed to join the team dropped out, as did six newcomers. What remains is the cohesion. Vonbrunn, who himself holds the team together on the pitch in the six-man position, makes it fun to kick with a mix of young and old in the county league. True loyalty to the club is shown by markus kleuderlein, in addition to a few students who continue to play for the SG all over france. "He works in nurnberg, comes to training on fridays and plays on weekends", vonbrunn is pleased about the commitment, which symbolizes the club’s cross-border life.

The SG roth-main

Number of members 450 club headquarters rothwind chairman daniel vonbrunn departments fubball, table tennis, women’s gymnastics


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