08Er gymnasts advance to the national league

08er gymnasts advance to the national league

The gymnasts of TSV 08 kulmbach secured their promotion to the landesliga 2 with a clear victory in the relegation. With an average age of 11.5 years, they are the youngest of the over 50 teams in the bavarian league. Their direct opponents from ries, haar and munich were clearly above them, with an average age of between 16 and 20 years.
The decisions on promotion and relegation in the eight bavarian artistic gymnastics leagues were made in waging am see in upper bavaria. The junior team from kulmbach qualified for the relegation by finishing third in the landesliga 3.

Convincing with screw somersaults

Already on the floor the girls from kulmbach showed strong performances. Charlyn siemon and emma heller in particular convinced with various complicated screw-salti. Thus, the gymnasts from kulmbach reached second place in the meantime – and realized that promotion is within reach.
The motivation was noticeable at the vaulting table, when emma heller succeeded in an overthrow with two screws into a safe standing position. Best 08 gymnast was once again jule naundorf, who received almost 12 points for her screw jump.
However, the other teams also showed strong performances and the four teams were separated by only 1.5 points at the halay point of the competition.

Best performance on the uneven bars

In the following, however, it was the turn of the gymnasts in which the 08-youngsters are strongest. They achieved the highest score of the competition on the uneven bars. Charlyn siemon showed the best routine of her young career and even left former national league gymnasts in the ranks of the KTV ries behind her. With a lead of almost three points she went to the last apparatus, the beam. Coach conny pirl changed the order of the gymnasts: eva hergehan was to take the important final position for the first time, as she is the strongest nerves in the team according to the coach. Pirl was right, because after three good passes, eva took home the victory. With a six-point lead, the 08ers thus succeeded in advancing to the national league 2.
In the individual ranking charlyn was second, jule third and emma fourth. 


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