Hateful face of the “face book” in the case of weisendorf

Hateful face of the 'face book' in the case of weisendorf

Shortly after the act, two camps had already formed, which had one thing in common above all: unqualified judgments about what had happened. This language on the web played a role in the trial, especially in determining the credibility of a witness. It was the best friend who set the mood against the only witness to the crime. He had already asked him in private e-mails "not to pay any lies, because the best friend had never done anything so blatant". The latter did not respond, so that action was taken against him on the internet.

On the other hand, there were the facebook users who were immediately certain that the 20-year-old arrested that night was a murderer. Unaware of what happened on christmas night, they postulated that there must be severe punishments.

What the discussants were probably not aware of is the fact that against this "cyber-bullying" can be intervened. One should inform the police as soon as possible. This can, under certain circumstances, identify the perpetrators and initiate criminal prosecution; however, this is made more difficult by the fact that corresponding servers are often registered abroad and thus evade possible criminal prosecution.

However, civil injunctions for violation of personal rights under german law apply worldwide and corresponding german court decisions can also be enforced abroad. And in the case described, the presumption of innocence applies first – even on the net.


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