Back asks associations for reason

The castle meeting in steinach was very well attended. Mayor wolfgang back (CSU) gave a review of the year, offered an outlook for the coming year and answered questions and suggestions from the citizens, who among other things criticized the condition of the roads and wished for a green space in steinach.
This year and last year, numerous investments were also made, said back. This is how digital handsets were purchased for the fire departments. Investments were also made in the steinach kindergarten. Fire protection was improved and improvements made to the entrance area. A heating subsidy of 2400 euros was also granted. 2012 or. 2013 was the street lighting of the local crossings steinach and roth as well as partly in the street "am quastenberg" renewed in red. The access road at the steinach sports field had been asphalted.
The henneberg sports hall in steinach will require major investments in the next few years. Here must be strictly paid attention to the costs, said back. That is why only what is absolutely necessary can be implemented in order to keep the costs within reasonable limits. At the moment, preliminary planning is underway to determine what can be implemented. "We are taking our time to determine the costs in detail. After all, we have to stay 100 percent within budget. We cannot afford a cost explosion in this area", said back. He also addressed the tribune, which had been demanded by some associations and gave this a clear rejection. This would devour at least 300,000 euros in further costs and would be in no way financially viable. "I ask here to let reason prevail and not to push beyond the goal of what is financially feasible", he appealed. He hoped that the hall would be available again in 2015 for the carnival, but did not want to promise this date: "one must not allow oneself to be put under pressure during the tree removals."
Josef bohnlein criticized that some roads were in poor condition. He also asked if there was any money available for the renovation of the henneberg hall. Mayor back explained that it is currently being clarified which demand pots can be used for this purpose. In the future, the municipality wants to invest more money in the tram area, back continued.
Bernhard friedrich mentioned that he had asked the municipality whether it would be possible to build a could put up mirrors so that drivers could see the intersection better. Only the feeder lane is within the competence of the municipality, said back. He admitted one mistake and said that a mirror would be useful. Heinz wehner informed about the fact that there are a lot of illegal landfills in steinach and the surrounding area. "Were one here in steinach a grungutplatz erected, this was certainly no longer done", he said. Back said that there was no chance of the county building one in steinach. "You have to use the waste disposal site in bad bocklet", said back. The access road to this will be either concreted or asphalted in the next time. Helmut schuck criticized the location of the "grungutplatz" – the central point of the market community would have been hohn and not bad bocklet.
The local spokesman for hohn, jurgen reub, criticized the fact that a manhole cover in hohn had settled at least seven centimeters at the turnoff to bad bocklet. In addition, in front of this cover, a section of the road was only covered with gravel, and the road was therefore in a poor condition. Back explained that experts believe that the acceptance must be postponed until spring – it is too cold for asphalting work. But the damage has been recorded and marked.


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