Diw expects economic recovery at the end of 2018

Diw expects economic recovery at the end of 2018

In the fourth quarter, gross domestic product (gdp) was expected to be a good 0.3 percent higher than in the previous quarter, according to the german institute for economic research (DIW) in berlin. For the year as a whole, the economy is expected to grow by 1.5 percent.

"Although this is a smaller increase in economic output than was expected at the beginning of the year, it should ultimately be seen as a normalization after years of above-average growth," explained DIW head of economic research claus michelsen. "Concerns about a recession are exaggerated."According to the standard definition, a recession is defined as a decline in economic output for two quarters in a row.

Slowed primarily by problems in the automotive industry, gross domestic product (gdp) shrank by 0.2 percent from july to september compared with the previous quarter. The international trade conflicts fueled by u.S. President donald trump and the near-term brexit are also causing uncertainty. In addition, the economy is increasingly reaching its growth limits due to high capacity utilization.

The munich ifo institute recently predicted an increase in gross domestic product of a quarter of a percent for the final quarter of 2018.

The federal statistical office will provide an initial estimate for 2018 as a whole in mid-january, with detailed data for the fourth quarter. The first quarter is expected in february.


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