Kiss, kiss, smack: a kiss-ology

Kiss, kiss, smack: a kiss-ology

A kiss from your grandmother, your first kiss as a teenager, a courtly kiss on the hand: there are many kisses in the course of a lifetime – some you are ashamed of, some you never forget. For the international day of the kiss this saturday a little "kiss-ology" (french word for kiss) (officially the science of kissing is called philematology):

Musical kiss
Not kissing, but singing about it: classical, pop, metal, jazz – the melodic kiss works in all genres. Marilyn monroe and elvis presley sang about it, one of the most successful rock bands named itself after it: the group kiss, which was founded in the 70s. According to the princes, "kissing is forbidden" – the song was nevertheless also with kissers in the 90s an earworm. And two years ago, max raabe correctly stated: "you can't kiss alone".

The evergreen "kiss me, kate" is cole porter's most successful musical – premiered in new york in 1948. The czech composer bedrich smetana (1824-1884) gave one of his operas the name "the kiss". Even in movies there are plenty of songs about kisses. An example: the bath scene of julia roberts in "pretty woman", in the bathtub uber walkman "kiss" by prince hort and sings along.

Animal kiss
Cuddles for cats, dogs and hamsters: many people have grown so fond of their pets that they cuddle, cuddle and even kiss them. Kiss on fur and snout – hygienically questionable? There are no life-threatening dangers and animal diseases cannot be transmitted to humans, according to berlin hygiene expert klaus-dieter zastrow.

But: "parents should not necessarily demand that their children kiss the dog or cat on the snout. A little restraint is in order." The animals were stroked by many people or touched many places with their snouts – thus they could be carriers of pathogens from person to person – similar to a turklinke. "I don't kiss them either", says zastrow. Every now and then a kiss on the fur or snout of flecki, waldi& co. But harmless.

Culinary kiss
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach – perhaps that's why the culinary world has integrated the kiss into the cake by name. The chocolate kiss – frothy, creamy, sub and crunchy. Not only popular with children, but also with those who want to be children again. Also sub: the mousse made of egg white and sugar is called "baiser" in this country (french word for kiss). Meringue is used not only for pure enjoyment but also for decorating cakes and pies. Crisp and harmonizing.

False double kiss: it sounds like two kisses, but the term couscous is not meant to remind you of a smooch. The durum wheat dish from the north african cuisine is eaten, for example, as a salad, or as a side dish with lamb. More and more often seen in this country at barbecues.

Cineastic kiss
Only a few films do without a kiss – and for good reason: they make for good conversation or encourage people to imitate them in their cinema seats with popcorn and cola. Unforgotten: the actors clark gable and vivien leigh in "gone with the wind – probably THE movie kiss par excellence. Also in the catastrophe melodrama "titanic there was a lot of goose bumps when actors kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio kissed.

Some film kisses have even had an effect beyond the filming: hollywood dream couple angelina jolie and brad pitt met on the set of the action comedy "mr. & Mrs. Smith" met – and fell in love.

Trendy kiss
Romantic or erotic – which kiss makes the race? There is a clear polarization at the moment, as the hamburger trend researcher, prof. Peter wippermann, says. On the one hand, the romantic kiss is booming at the moment. "Behind this is the longing for something special: the unique experience between people who are not interchangeable." The short time before kissing is especially enjoyed – it's a kind of ritual, wippermann added. Romanticism is the order of the day anyway: floral patterns on wallpaper, handicrafts, country house style.

On the other hand, the erotic kiss is increasingly present in the public eye, also due to the media. The sexual kiss is about acceleration and directness, says wippermann. The moment before the kiss is deliberately skipped and the kiss intensified instead. The trend researcher's balance sheet: the erotic kiss is currently just ahead of the romantic one.


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