Kindergarten children in oberhaid move into new refuge

The residential community of oberhaid enjoys rapidly increasing popularity. "Almost every day we receive inquiries from families who want to settle in oberhaid and are looking for building sites", mayor carsten joneitis (SPD) remarks on the fringes of the council meeting.

This is naturally accompanied by an increase in the number of registrations at the oberhaider kindergarten. For this reason, the municipality was forced to look for a solution at the beginning of the year to create an additional fifth kindergarten group for the regenbogen kindergarten. The choice fell on the available space of the oberhaider school. In a real feat of strength, the community managed to set up a kindergarten group within four months with the energetic help of the building yard and the kindergarten team.

Extension sought

Architect Peter Schneider presented the new rooms to the community council, which have nothing to fear from comparison in terms of furnishings, rough design and the latest standards.

The kindergarten children have recently taken possession of their new refuge, with the actual group room and the adjoining differentiation room with office, children's kitchen and play corner. The municipality has invested 210,000 euros in this measure, which is initially limited to two years, but an extension is being sought. However, the mayor regretted that the municipality will have to bear the costs alone, since no grants will be awarded for the interim solution.

The community of oberhaid wants to participate in the "gemainsam" project, the municipality of knetzgau has pushed. Following the example of "our neckar, the neckargemeinden initiated, now also the mainanrainer want to present their region together. In a preliminary study, the unique selling proposition, conceivable pilot/initial projects and concrete measures for the main region are to be worked out.

With one dissenting vote, the council approved the project "gemainsam" in the river paradise franconia for the establishment of a coordination office for two to three years as well as the preparation of a preliminary study with a one-time participation of 500 euro to.

Matthias jacob of the architecture firm of the same name was reserved to report on the status of the renovation of the historic muhle next to the town hall. Thus, the church and town hall square are to be left in their current state. The old muhle is to be restored to its former glory with the renovation of the waterwheel and its watercourse and the stone millrace.

A depot and an exhibition room are to be built in the muhle itself, a pavilion is also planned. Because of the sufficiently dimensioned heating system in the town hall, it can also supply the neighboring muhle with heating technology. The appointment of a municipal and district election officer and his deputy on 15 june was agreed. March 2020. Municipal election officer and deputy were the city hall employees Markus Klarmann and Nadja Gohl.

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