Professional burglars get away with large sums of money

Professional burglars get away with large sums of money

Actually, everything looked quite normal when store manager mario sommer came to his netto store in the further strabe on sunday. But then he noticed that unknown persons had gained access without permission. "The sliding door in the entrance area was apparently pried open", says summer. When the burglars then made off, they simply pushed the entrance door shut again.

Sommer immediately called the police. Since there was initially no sign of the robbers, the officers initially suspected that the thieves had gained access to the store via the roof, as is often the case with such burglaries. This assumption turned out to be wrong.

The building in the further strabe is secured by an alarm system. However, this did not go off. The reason is simple: "the thieves must have deactivated it before they went to work", says summer. The burglars then broke open the office door in the warehouse and finally got their hands on the steel safe.

Professionals were at work
"They floated it professionally", says sommer. It's not easy, as the store manager explains, because it takes three shifts to do it – and that takes some time. Since the material is heib during the long float, the thieves had to steal it. "They took bottles of drink from the market and tipped them over", says summer. "A huge mess." But the mess is rather the minor problem for the branch manager. Because from the safe the burglars love to take a five-digit amount of money. In addition, they caused damage in the amount of several thousand euros.

Summer suspects that there were no amateurs at work. "You have to know your stuff to break into a safe so professionally." Police forensics were already on the scene. But there are no exact findings so far. "We investigate in all directions", says christian wolfel from the press office of the police prasidium of central franconia. It is also not yet clear whether it is a matter of one or more perpetrators. "Supermarkte", so wolfel "are attacked again and again by burglars." But this does not happen very often.

Sommer's first thought after noticing the break-in was, "not again," he says." Because the netto store had already been the target of burglars at the beginning of 2012. At that time thieves had entered through the roof. But they didn't get any booty, as they were apparently disturbed during the crime. "The culprits were caught at that time", says summer.


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