Klappe the first for young dancers

Klappe the first for young dancers

The garden in front of oberlangenstadt castle in the district of kronach. Sunshine and 40 degrees. About 60 party guests. Four young girls on a stage. Red glittering costumes, a grin on each face – dance and song: "we are here for each other – because alone, we are often too small." The exuberant mood seems to be contagious. Suddenly even the guests are swaying to the rhythm of the music. Raise their arms, clap their hands – start to dance.

In the middle of the hustle and bustle: dany ruger and some of her students. The bamberger runs the dance school body& soul and took part in the filming of the new disney movie "four enchanting sisters" with some of the young dancers and their parents part. "It was already exhausting, but it was totally fun", says the speyer native.

She was a choreographer for 25 years at the E.T.A-hoffmann theater and female what professionalism means: "such a day requires an unbelievable amount of discipline from you. The steps were not very difficult – but then you have to dance with unbelievable presence and expression." She and her group were on site for over ten hours – some of the parents were also on set.

For the short scene excerpts in which they can be seen in the background, the bambergers had to repeat the dance steps flap by flap on the day of filming. "At a performance you go out and it pops. We had to do the choreo again and again during our shooting day. It's not easy to keep the desire there", says ruger, who studied pedagogy.

Blinding similarity

Katharina Siegl had four days of shooting – in germany and austria. The 15-year-old took dance lessons in kindergarten and is now in the hip-hop group of body& soul. After she had applied as a comparsin, the responsible persons had noticed her similarity with main actress laila padotzke and had finally engaged her as a double. "It has made great fun. You noticed that you need discipline and concentration", says siegl, who often stood in for padotzke when her character "flame" had to be replaced was only to be seen on the sidelines. At the film premiere, it came to a reunion with the actors: "they have an insane charisma in private, too."

Lilli rost also has charisma. The twelve-year-old has been dancing for seven years and found the day of filming exciting: "it was cool to be part of something like that for once. At the beginning i was a bit nervous, but then i quickly got used to everything."

For similar projects the schoolmistress of the maria-ward-realschule could inspire herself in any case. In a dance tutorial for the film on disney germany's youtube channel, she can be seen together with choreographer selatin kara. He conceived all the dance scenes for the film and will be on the 2. February at body& soul offers a workshop. He and ruger are in close contact: through his mediation, the bambergers have already made one or two guest appearances in film productions. For example, a profit dancer from her school was part of the film "rock it" to see. "It shows that we have dancers here at an international level", says ruger and is visibly proud.

She is also proud of her young dancers: "i have really cool hip-hop kids." With them she was recently in the cinema screening of "four enchanting sisters". Her students liked the film – especially the dance scene in the garden:" they were cheering in the cinema – that was a nice thing to do."


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