In neufang, young and young-at-heart sang music at the action day

In neufang, young and young-at-heart sang music at the action day

The local kindergarten was a guest at the senior citizens’ group neufang. Together, the "music in bavaria" day of action was a success celebrated. There was singing, dancing and playing that it was a real joy.

For many years, there has been a close relationship between the catholic daycare center st. Laurentius neufang and the local senior citizens’ group an intimate friendship. The joint meetings are guaranteed to be fun and entertaining.

"Matter of honor." It was therefore a good idea for the institutions to join forces on "7". Music in bavaria" action day to participate. In the project, all daycare centers and schools in bavaria are invited to participate between 3 and 5 years of age. And 7. June under the motto "singing together making music together.

And there was plenty of music on thursday at the neufang youth center. Both the children and their teachers as well as the senior citizens from neufang and the surrounding area were delighted by the shared musical experience. The boys and girls sang songs from their everyday life at the kindergarten and showed singing and movement games. We had to be involved from the beginning to the last line.

"That was great", elfriede reibig, head of the senior citizens’ group, praised not only the children, but also her sporty and agile seniors. It is no coincidence that a gymnastics group emerged from the senior citizens’ group, which has been meeting regularly for around 30 years. The young guests were also amazed when their grandfathers and grannies put on a sock show in their honor.

Exchange between the generations

Of course, the members of the senior citizens’ group also performed songs from their song folders. They proved that they also have a lot to offer in terms of music. The kids liked the songs. Since young and old need each other, great importance is attached to the exchange between the generations. The neufang seniors’ hearts really beat faster every time they meet up together.


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