Corona bonus also coming for nurses in clinics

Corona bonus also coming for nurses in clinics

Because of special burdens in the corona crisis, nurses in hospitals are now to receive a bonus of up to 1,000 euros – just like those already employed in geriatric care.

The statutory health insurances (GKV) will provide 100 million euros to pay one-time premiums for up to 100.000 clinic employees to be paid. This was announced by the GKV-spitzenverband and the german hospital association. Federal health minister jens spahn (CDU) buried the plan and wants to implement it. The trade union verdi, on the other hand, criticized it as a "minimal solution".

Who exactly receives a one-time bonus and how much is to be determined by the hospitals in consultation with the employee representatives – depending on the extent to which nurses were involved in the treatment of corona patients at the bedside. In justified exceptions, other employees, such as those in emergency rooms, will also be able to receive a bonus.

Spahn said: "many employees in many clinics have contributed significantly to treating corona patients in the best possible way under difficult conditions. That was a particular stress." It was good that there was finally a detailed agreement to recognize this achievement with targeted bonuses. The minister had called on the two associations to come up with a concept. The background to this was widespread criticism of the fact that, up to now, a corona bonus has only been available in geriatric care.

Verdi board member sylvia buhler warned that the solution would make many employees unhappy. Only a small proportion of the 440,000 nurses in hospitals are to benefit from the bonus – and only in certain clinics. "Of all things, clinics and health insurance companies are being stingy when it comes to recognizing services in the pandemic. That is shameful."Spahn must also ensure that the work of other employees is also rewarded, she said, with regard to cleaners and laboratory staff, for example.

Funds from the 100-million-euro pot are to go to hospitals that are up to 30. September had a certain minimum number of covid-19 cases. This is to take into account how badly a hospital is affected by the pandemic. Because the crisis had different effects. Partly there were special preparations and charges because of corona patients in intensive care units. But a number of other treatments were also suspended or postponed.

GKV board member stefanie stoff-ahnis said: "we are grateful for the gross commitment of the nurses in the care of corona patients."There is now a solution that allows for a quick payment of the premium to particularly burdened nurses. DKG chief executive georg baum said the concept clears the way for a tax-free recognition prami.

The 100 million euros are to come from the liquidity reserve of the health fund, into which the contributions of those insured by the statutory health insurance system are paid. The two associations explained that a separate contribution from private health insurance would be expected. They also appealed to the federal states to increase the premium to up to 1500 euros.

So is the corona bonus for geriatric care. The bundestag had decided on bonuses of up to 1000 euros in may. The costs are estimated at one billion euros – for the time being, this is to be borne by the nursing care insurance, but the federal government has announced a subsidy. Lander or employer can top up bonus to 1500 euros, which remains tax-free.


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