Brussel wants to end chaos at corona travel restrictions

Brussel wants to end chaos at corona travel restrictions

The national go-it-alones with corona-related travel restrictions should soon come to an end according to the will of the EU commission. The brussels authorities announced to present in the next days a concrete proposal for a better coordination of the falling mabnahmen.

Part of the vote could be to develop common criteria for assessing the corona risk situation. In addition, there are plans to standardize the rules for travel to risk areas. Up to now, for example, there have been very different testing and quarantine requirements for people returning to the country.

Furthermore, the commission announced that it would take action against an entry ban imposed by hungary on german and other EU citizens. The fact that there are exceptions for citizens from poland, slovakia and the czech republic is a clear indication of discrimination, a spokesman for the agency said.

The regulations that came into force today in hungary ban german and other eu citizens from entering the country. Border crossings are now only possible with exceptional permission and on certain routes for transit. In this context, hungary initially leads to 1. October also again EU internal border controls by. According to the government, the reason for the decreases is the rising number of covid 19 cases.

In addition to the EU commission, germany is also working intensively within the framework of its current EU council presidency to improve the coordination of entry restrictions. This is how a working paper was drawn up, which will be the basis for discussions among the ambassadors of the EU countries as early as this wednesday. The next step could then be to agree on a common approach based on a concrete commission proposal.

Difficult discussions are foreseeable, however. For example, it is controversial whether there should be a uniform color system for designating corona risk areas within the EU – among other things, because EU countries with very efficient health systems could theoretically set the threshold for travel warnings higher than others and EU-uniform risk areas could hit the tourism industry even harder.

So far, each country decides for itself and according to its own criteria which other EU countries or regions it classifies as risk areas. For example, the federal government warns against travel to certain areas in belgium, bulgaria, france, croatia, romania and spain. People coming to germany from risk areas must take a corona test and, if necessary, comply with quarantine requirements.


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