Employment agency: that’s why more and more people have a part-time job

employment agency: that's why more and more people have a part-time job

According to employment statistics from the federal employment agency, in december 2016 a total of almost 2.7 million employees were working part-time in marginal jobs.

More than half of employed part-time workers take a mini-job in addition to full-time employment. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of part-time workers, says researcher enzo weber from the institute for labor market and occupational research (IAB): "since the hartz reforms, the number has more than doubled, weber told the german press agency. In 2003, only 1.2 million people had a part-time mini-job.

Many find the low levies practical

Especially people with below-average earnings in their main job had an additional mini-job, says the researcher. But financial need is not always the reason. Many also found the low taxes practical, because "gross is like net".

Minor part-time jobs on a 450 euro basis have been favored by the hartz reforms: with the exception of pension insurance, mini-jobbers do not pay social security contributions – but they can be exempted from pension insurance "and most of them are", says weber. What is helpful today from a financial point of view could be critical for the future, he says. With the pension it could give then a boses awakening.

Most part-time jobs are in retail and hospitality, other business services, and health and social services. Some of the part-timers have their main jobs in the same industries. Most often, however, they work full-time in manufacturing, according to the analysis.


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