“There! There is one again”

It's always the smallest ones who mess up every plan. Why should it be any different with the bats?? Actually, course leader andrea wolfel had planned to first play a little with the children and then tell them a story about bats. Alone, the plan was soon ruined. "There! There is one!", ten girls and boys of elementary school age call out, pointing to the sky. In fact, a brown bat can be seen there for a few seconds, disappearing into the woods in a flash.

What looks like a small bird at first glance is really a dwarf bat. This is the smallest bat there is. "It messes up my plan", says andrea wolfel, putting aside the book about bats and digging the bat detector out of her bag. The noise tells her exactly which bat is approaching when. This is what the children are waiting for when they turn up for the "bat for first timers" vacation program have met on a meadow at the edge of the forest in letten (district dachstadt).

The children are "first-timers

Firsttater means that these children are watching bats for the first time today. Of course, it's supposed to be fun and a bit adventurous, too. "I like to watch animals, says ten-year-old fabian, who likes to be out in nature anyway.
He and the other first-timers listen attentively to the stories and explanations of andrea wolfel. She knows how to captivate the children with her informal manner. So she doesn't let the change in planning of the first dwarf bats upset her and encourages the girls and boys to let go of everything they know about bats. "They hang down funny", franziska thinks she knows.

And jakob female that they emit ultrasonic waves. Adrian has a question: "from which dinosaurs did bats evolve??" Even andrea wolfel had to pause and struggle for an answer.

It goes "tak, tak, tak"

"Tak, tak, tak" – this is how the detector announces an approaching bat again. Excitedly, the children scan the sky and cheer when they spot the thumb-sized, about four to six grams light animal with the 20 centimeter wingspan again.

"If a broad-winged bat is approaching, the detector emits a noise similar to that of a steam locomotive. Ch, ch, ch", explains wolfel, who heads the children's group "schlaufuchse" of the kalkach-schwabachtal nature conservation group in dachstadt.

When calm returns, andrea wolfel tells the story of the little bat freddy, who sits cross-legged on the floor, nibbling raspberries and poking at his little sister's pink egg, until daddy bat comes and takes care of everything. Adrian immediately calls out: "bats don't sit on the ground," and hannah adds: "they don't eat raspberries. They eat insects such as oats and moths."
"But they don't feed on human blood either", added wolfel. Only in argentina are there bats that lick the blood of cows. "It's just a stitch", another child says. Like a sting of the snake. Even the other children know that bats hang upside down, have no feathers on their heads as mammals, cannot fall out of their nests and certainly do not hatch from eggs.
"Dad doesn't care about the young and bats very rarely have siblings. Mostly they only have one young", says andrea wolfel. But then it goes "tak, tak, tak" again – and the children turn their eyes back to the dark night sky.


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