There was nothing to regret

There was nothing to regret

When something as successful as the french evening of the bookstore comes out, then at the end there is euphoric applause and also for the cake team, which prepared a funfgangiges menu "after secret recipe of paul bocuse" on the tables conjured, coarse praise pronounced.

Literary, musical and culinary the journey through france was to drive and moderator julie alias julia neder accompanied the audience charming and multifaceted through the event. It started in alsace with the marseillaise, which was composed by the occasional musician claude rouget in 1792 in strabbourg. Charlotte wahler gave an insight into the events of the french revolution, where the foundations of modern western society were laid with the declaration of human and civil rights. Freedom, equality, fraternity, that is what the call should be today, it was said.

Bookshop manager christine neder read from philippe claudel’s "the scent of my childhood, from gabriel chevalier’s clochemerle and nicolas barreau’s "the laughter of women", all atmospheric descriptions of the french way of life. Sensory perceptions were to be at the forefront of the evening, according to presenter julia neder, the smell and taste of the starters, for example, quiche lorraine and onion soup were tastefully related to the matching wines.

But also literary it went on sensually. With a passage from patrick subkind’s perfume, for example, or later with the timelessly erotic interpretation of the love poem "i am so wild about your strawberry mouth" from gabriel chevalier’s, poem by francois villon in 15. Century and from the tape recited by scandalous actor klaus kinski. The chicken fricassee as well as the cheese plate and the chocolate dessert matched the respective regions and their literary accompaniment.

But it was not only french writers who were represented, there was also, for example, a text from the "virgin of orleans" by friedrisch schiller, presented by sabine herterich. In keeping with the words, she rode into the hall on a stuck horse and declaimed about enemy horses that would not survive the battle. The "little prince," on the other hand, went peacefully from antoine de saint exupery to, there the fox was tamed in the lecture of sara herre. Also of the adventurous escape of the german painter max ernst in the second world war, written by markus orths in his novel "max", was read aloud. The hungry dog from the novel "the last delicacy" by muriel barbery turned out to be a gourmand instead of a gourmet, which means "vielfrab means. Asterix and obelix, who are probably the most famous frenchmen, were also mentioned.

The trip ended, how could it be otherwise, in paris, the city of love. Famous lovers like simone de beauvoir and jean paul sartre or gunter sachs and brigitte bardot were introduced and at the end edith piafb "non, je ne regrette rien" was heard , i have no regrets. This was probably spoken from the heart of the audience.


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