Shepherd and politician

Shepherd and politician

There were times when the leaders of tribes and peoples were also called shepherds. King david, for example, stands out in the people of israel, who was himself a shepherd before he became king of the people of israel. But did they still find such a one among the rulers of the earth, whom they could also confidently call shepherd?? Well, I can't think of any off the top of my head. No professional politician of our time could ever adorn himself with the attribute of being a shepherd: honesty, professional competence, far-sightedness, diplomatic skill, confident handling of the media, assertiveness, straightforwardness and possibly even leadership strength, to name just a few of the things that are called for there. Well, all things that are sorely lacking in politicians who come from the amateur league, as is the case with a leader of a rough western state. Even with the professionals there are many deficits, but who is already perfect? In the gospel of the 4. On easter sunday jesus speaks of himself as the good shepherd. A shepherd who even gives his life for the sheep entrusted to him. A very different type of leader than those we know from history and the present. He's not about power, influence, fame and glory. He is about being authentic. His message, his life, his destiny are inseparable. He has proclaimed a radical love, lived it and kept it up to the bitter end. His resurrection is and was the confirmation of his authentic life, through his, through our father in heaven. Wherever we succeed in loving and living authentically, resurrection will take place, in every place and at every time.

Ralph Walta is a pastoral advisor in the coburg city-land pastoral area and deanery youth pastor.


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