Signs in steinbach and kehlbach look like new

Signs in steinbach and kehlbach look like new

In steinbach am wald and kehlbach, both locals and foreigners have recently been welcomed by restored place-name signs. The burial signs have been refurbished by the building yard and now look like new again.

Wind and weather

"Grub gott in Steinbach A. Forest" and "dug god in kehlbach" it is emblazoned in female script on the equally hospitable and god-fearing welcoming grave at the respective local entrances. Wind and weather had left their mark on the plaques – and also plenty of new paint was needed for both the lettering and the wood.

The local signs and their cozy roofing have now been dismantled, carefully restored and rebuilt in their old location by the local authority of steinbach am wald. The blessing "grub gott symbolizes on the one hand that all guests – and of course locals as well – are welcome and should feel at home here, and on the other hand that god may accompany them on their way.

On behalf of mayor thomas loffler, his deputy, monika barnickel, thanked builder's yard employee marco grobmann for the very successful and time-consuming restoration work. Thanks to the efforts of the bauhof, both steinbach and kehlbach once again had representative signs at the entrances to their towns, which were formally attractive and pleasing to the eye. The wooden constructions with the weiben lettering that had been refurbished during the winter months now look like new again, which has also saved the community a lot of money.

The building yard is now gradually "lifting up" the other burial signs in the community – for even more inviting "calling cards of the beautiful villages.


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