Square gets new design

square gets new design

Some time ago, the poxdorf community council decided to demolish the old, dilapidated mortuary in the middle of the cemetery, close to the church, and to commission a new blessing hall. This will be built on an approximately 25 meter wide strip of the parking lot behind the cemetery, around which the cemetery will be grouted.

Elke dohler from the office of landscape architects ammermann-dohler (bamberg) explained to the council in which way the cemetery could be redesigned. "Small changes can have a big impact", she said, stressing that she has tried to develop a plan that suits the place and to use only materials from the region.

Wall not too high

The partially covered square in front of the new, discreetly modern blessing hall is to be separated from the parking lot by a wall that is not too high, so that the surrounding landscape can be taken into view. The site created by the demolition of the old mortuary is to become a resting place for cemetery visitors, furnished with benches and trees.

Different types of burial will be possible: there will be conventional graves and urn graves, but also more anonymous lawn graves in an area maintained by the community.

The part of the cemetery downstream from the hall for the blessing of the dead is enclosed by a hedge of pruned leaves concealing a wire mesh fence. The replacement of the entire sandstone wall surrounding the original part of the cemetery would be very costly. Therefore, only the wall bordering the cemetery in the east will be restored at first. It is dilapidated because it consists of bricks under the sandstone cover.

A "water-bound surface" is to be laid on the main path leading from the parking lot and the consecration hall to the church and on the most important cross paths made from a solid natural stone mixture. It can be easily repaired in case of subsidence, does not muddy in bad weather, is environmentally friendly and also inexpensive. Several councillors were opposed to this paving and thought that at least the old paving of the main path should be preserved. While the redesign plan (costing 165,000 euros) was unanimously approved, elke dohler was asked to come up with new ideas for surfacing the various paths by the next meeting at the end of september.


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