Archbishop: saint laurentius even gave his life for the church

Saint laurentius: the patron saint chosen by the ancestors half a millennium ago to give his name to the church of saint laurentius in oberleiterbach is a saint with a special exemplary function for archbishop ludwig schick. "He loved the church, he defended it against the emperor, he even gave his life for it", he praised his work. "And he cared for the poor, the sick and all those in need of help. They are a very important part of our church." In memory of the selfless martyr, the church dedicated to him should continue to exist after 500 years – for the good of the individual and for the common good of the whole population.
The eucharistic celebration with the archbishop on church dedication sunday was at the same time the high point, if not the conclusion, of the jubilee year "500 years of the church of saint laurel. Numerous guests came to attend the "birthday party" of the defiant, previously completely renovated house of god with the welch dome. With the result that the ornate sacral building was bursting at the seams. But the church foundation around church administrator ludwig hennemann had taken precautions: those who could not get a standing or sitting place in saint laurentius could follow the special service in the parlor area on a rough flat screen television.
To the sound of the rother musicians and accompanied by the flags of the voluntary fire department and the soldiers and comrades association the church parade went from the community center still in fog through one half of the village to the church – and after the mass in bright sunshine through the other part back to the marquee. "We are proud of our 500-year-old church", zapfendorf's parish priest kurian chackupurackal pointed out.
Archbishop ludwig schick went a little further: "we can also be proud of the church, not only because of its good work in developing countries, but also in our own country." When a house of worship celebrates its 500th anniversary. If you celebrate your birthday, you can be proud and you have to be thankful. And that is why he was happy to come to latterboch a second time: "in oberleiterbach it has always been."

Preserving the church

His excellence looked back: you can imagine what the church has done for the people, their families, their sense of community and their common good during the 500 years. "Faith in the good god makes people happy, gives them confidence and lets them persevere even in difficult situations. This is as true today as it was then." But anniversaries like the one in oberleiterbach should not be nostalgic celebrations, so chic, but celebrations that give orientation and confidence. "What enriches our ancestors and us today should also be preserved for our descendants." That is why it is now the task of the faithful to continue to maintain the church, so that "our descendants can also celebrate the 600-, 700- and 1000-year anniversaries – and all other anniversaries, as long as this earth time exists. We need the church of jesus christ and its work until the consummation of the world".
The kirchweih sunday was for first mayor volker dittrich once again a good proof of the cohesion in oberleiterbach. He praised the team of the volunteer fire department for organizing the secular part of the kerwa and thanked the many dedicated helpers. "In oberleiterbach, as in the entire market town of zapfendorf, ecclesiastical and secular events go hand in hand." On behalf of the parish of kirchschletten and also the surrounding parishes, siegfried bauer congratulated the branch on its anniversary. "The house of god has been brought into excellent condition by you", he praised the successful renovation.

Beautiful weather brought along

"It is rather rare that you, mr. Archbishop, are present in such a small parish twice in one year", church administrator ludwig hennemann was visibly proud towards the end of the service. "We appreciate it very much. And thank you also for the nice weather!" Only now did the faithful in the church realize that what archbishop ludwig schick had jokingly announced before the sermon ("i had promised: i will come again in september") was not true. And i bring along good weather.") had arrived: fog and rain clouds had given way to sunshine and blue skies.
The procession to the marquee, in which the archbishop also signed the golden book of the market town of zapfendorf, lived up to its name. And the rother musikanten played in front of unpaid guests for a few more hours.
Shortly before 12 o'clock, however, they were given a break: at noon, the bavarian radio station broadcast the ringing of the bells from oberleiterbach – and this was of course also performed live in the festival tent. In addition, many visitors took the opportunity to take a tour of one of the most beautiful villages in upper franconia.


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