Murder trial against “reichsburger” from georgensgmund: police officers testify as witnesses

murder trial against

During the police operation against the "reichsburger from georgensgmund, according to the testimony of an officer involved, the first shots already hit his colleagues. The two SEK officers had staggered away from the tur and other colleagues had returned fire, the policeman described on wednesday as one of several witnesses before the regional court in nurnberg. A man considered to be a "reichsburger 49-year-old man has been on trial since tuesday for murder and attempted murder of officers of a special task force (SEK).

Murder trial: "reichsburger von georgensgmund claims to have acted out of self-defense
shooting continued; "splintering rain" occurred and steam given. Then there was a brief "moment of pause" followed, the witness said. "All of them got their bearings and saw what was going on." He spoke to his colleague, who was seriously injured and later died, and asked him how he was doing. The witness faltered several times during his description and had to take a deep breath. After a brief "chaos phase" the defendant came out of the apartment wearing a vest and underpants or shorts.

How much time passed between the last shot and the moment when the "reichsburger" was shot stepped out of the apartment, the witness could not say. He and his colleagues led the defendant away. His 32-year-old colleague, who died later, had stumbled down the stairs in the house. He accompanied him to drauben, where he collapsed.

They did not expect to be shot through the closed door, he and other colleagues said. "We knew about weapons, but the shots were surprising." The police officers reported that during the operation a civilian police bus was parked in front of the house with its blue light and martins horn on. In addition, the police officers had shouted "achtung polizei" ("watch out for the police") to recognize.

Eleven shots – one dead

According to the indictment, the 49-year-old shot the officers eleven times during the routine operation in october 2016. One policeman killed, two others injured. During the operation, the hobby-jager's 30 or so weapons were to be confiscated because he was no longer considered reliable by the authorities. From the defense's point of view, the accused did not know that it was a police operation. He had assumed a robbery and had acted out of self-defense.

"Reichsburger" do not recognize the federal republic as a state. Instead, they claim that the german empire continues to exist today. They deny the legitimacy of the constitution, authorities and courts and do not accept official decisions.


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