Diamond wedding in the will house

Hermann and margot will celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary in hohenfeld on friday. The jubilarian was born margot lenz in 1937 in sthashausen and grew up with her sister. After attending elementary school, she began working at the foundry as a runner’s maid. Later she worked at the volker winery and the augsburger washing plant. Hermann will – born in 1938 – comes from hohenfeld and attended the elementary school there. He then began an apprenticeship at the bittorf cabinetmaker’s shop at a time when all work was still done by hand.

He also worked for interior decorator scheffel before retiring as a driver for the walter dairy for more than 40 years. The couple met in 1957 at a dance at the kolosseum and met irregularly at dance events. On 3. May 1959 the wedding bells then rang. The honeymoon was a three-day motorcycle trip to the french-speaking part of switzerland – there was no better vacation than that. The couple had three children. Hermann will still does carpentry as a hobby today. He is a member of the fire department and witnessed its transition from the hand pump to the motorized fire engine in 1958; he was also a founding member of the recently disbanded choral society.


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