The music in the gobweinstein basilica touches the spirit and the senses

"I am impressed by this concert, everything fit", said the respected composer and music professor karl haus.

He had traveled to gobweinstein especially from schweinfurt to hear how one of his own compositions sounded in the basilica. The pre-christmas concert of the district's cultural prize-winners is undoubtedly a high point in the music year in forchheim. It is certainly gratifying to win a prize.
But to sing and make music worthy of the prize for many years is an even greater challenge.

At a professional level
In 1996, the group "querblechein" was formed and brass busters the brass ensemble formed dog heads. Under his leader bernhard jorg, in collaboration with georg schaffner, a sound corps with a versatile program has developed, which operates on a professional level. In the basilica, the ten musicians celebrated a suite from the christmas oratorio by J. Bach, arranged for brass instruments. S. Bach with precisely drawn polyphonic lines.

The swinging rhythms of their crystal-clear bachspiel are also precise. Harry w, who lives in the stuttgart area. Schroeder successfully combines tradition and modernity in his compositions. The "kyrie" performed by the liederverein forchheim proved this impressively.
Constantly repeating staccati forcefully underscored the plea to god that the choir sang with strong expression.

The liederverein forchheim has been a prizewinner since 1992 and under its director jens birnbach has once again proven its high concert suitability. Claude balabastre (1724-1799), who was already a master organist at the age of 13, started a steep career in paris. His music swallowed the aristocracy.

On the other hand, he was hailed by the masses as a pop star of the rococo because of his inexhaustible imagination. One of his best ideas was probably the variations on the christmas carol "votre bonte grand dieu.
Regional cantor georg schaffner thrilled the audience with his exhilarating rendition of balastre's bravura piece. In brilliant playing the organ sounded sparklingly fresh, trumpeted and floated, fluttered delicately and roared heroically.

"We have the right organ and the right organist in gobweinstein", mayor georg lang (CSU) was also pleased. As many french people know, many famous german christmas songs originate from franken. The spread of these songs is due to franz wilhelm von ditfurth, who lived in obertheres from 1830 to 1850.

Songs from home
The latter was so enthusiastic about the songs sung by the people between schweinfurt and bamberg that he recorded them and published them with great success.

Karl haus from schweinfurt presented his "french christmas" with songs from the ditfurth collection with songs he found before his hausture and combined them with interludes to a unity.
Karl haus gives each song a choral movement that mirrors the text. Jens birnbach followed this path and the choir of the liederverein showed with every note the close connection with its conductor.

So well-known christmas carols sounded as a homely mood for the christmas season. The performance of the string quartet that remained in the succession of the forchheimer kammerorchester is to be praised.


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