Good news for the djk-sc members

At the annual general meeting of DJK-SC oesdorf, there were two positive surprises. In the last year, the board of directors has been working intensively on the issue of the sports grounds. The reason is that the sports club oesdorf owns only the land on which the sports house stands. The pitches, the parking lot and the access road are owned by seven private persons. These areas are leased from the sports club. The long-term contracts have expired in the meantime, so that the leases are only extended by five years in each case.

It was very important to the board that the sport operation is secured in the long term, therefore intensive discussions were held with the lessors. The two landlords with the largest shares of the land, oskar gobwein and oswald frank, then ceremoniously signed the new lease agreements with a term of 50 years. "This is a clear sign for the oesdorf sports club", was pleased the chairman peter munch. In the next few weeks, efforts will be made to conclude long-term leases with the other five lessors.

And the second surprise: the sports club oesdorf is debt-free since the summer of 2018. The remaining loan of around 25,000 euros from the construction of the sports center was transferred to the BLSV in one installment and the loan was repaid – without paying interest on arrears, as is customary in the banking business. This was achieved by treasurer thomas schmitt in negotiations with the BLSV.

However, this would not have been possible without sponsors and the many events, which have all brought a plus into the coffers of the sports club.

Two further tasks are pending in the sports club. On the one hand, a partition will be built in the sports hall to be able to separate the sports hall in the half of the hall. So that it is simply more gemutlicher, if not so many people are there. Then the roof will have to be urgently renovated. The costs will be around 30,000 euros – an amount that the club cannot finance from its own resources. First of all we have to contact the different claimants.

Currently there is a first and a second team. In the youth area the sports club is together with hausen and wimmelbach in the small field area. In the league there is a F-youth and an E-youth team registered. Unfortunately, the sports club could not register a G-youth this year, because no coach was found. In the field oesdorf has a play community with hausen, wimmelbach, kersbach and pinzberg and since september also with the sports club heroldsbach.

In the current season, the sports club oesdorf has with the SG

One D-youth, two C-youth, two B-youth and one A-youth team. In addition, there is also the mother’s and mother’s gymnastics. Father-child gymnastics for the smallest children and for the more robust children the children’s gymnastics. Recently, a climbing wall was installed in the sports center to provide more sports facilities.

In the adult area, women’s coach susi tintemann offers various courses that are well received. New is a play community with hausen, wimmelbach and heroldsbach in the girls’ and ladies’ area with three teams. In order to register them for league play from the coming season, players are still needed. Interested girls can join the training every monday from 19.30 drop by in oesdorf.


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