Discussion over 50 centimeters

Discussion over 50 centimeters

The primary topic of the council meeting on wednesday evening in the aischgrundhalle in adelsdorf was the flat use and development plan for the new building area "neuhaus sudwest steigerwaldblick", nevertheless, mayor karsten fischkal started with a statement on the 26. November article in the FT concerning the 1.8 hectare site on which 29 single-family homes are to be built.

"After a telephone conversation with benno dausch, the owner of the land, it must be clarified that it was not mr. Dausch who approached the investor secura AG, but a member of the municipal council from neuhaus who had established contact between mr. Steiner and mr. Dausch after the project on the dennerlein site had failed to materialize.", so fischkal. "Due to the contract between the two parties, the municipality of auben was. If the price was right, the community would certainly have been happy to buy", fischkal continued and explained that this information was read out to mr. Steiner and that he confirmed it.

The council's subsequent approval of the change in the land use plan then passed relatively quickly and was passed unanimously, even though norbert birkner () declared: "i will vote for the land use plan. I am in favor of creating a construction area. But what the building site will look like is a different story."

Birkner calls for 20 parking spaces

This already gave a glimpse of the upcoming debate, as the subsequent drafting of the development plan culminated in a back and forth. Right at the beginning, birkner suggested creating around 20 public parking spaces in the development area, and jorg bubel (SPD) also chimed in "with a total width of the street of five meters, parking for visitors and guests is no longer possible" in the same notch.

Fischkal pointed out that at the meeting on 27. March all rates had agreed to a road width in the inner part of the development area of five meters, including two meters of multifunctional strips, and in the outer part of a total of 5.50 meters. "If we have three meters plus one meter right and left, then the cars will park on the paved strip", said uwe poschl (CSU) "then we will get problems."

Three meters is the minimum

Markus maisch of the engineering firm maisch& partner from nurnberg pointed out the possibility of a one-way street regulation, whereupon birkner replied: "i would refrain from a one-way street". Paul sanger asked maisch if there was a rule for the width of the road in the interior of the residential area, to which maisch replied: "for development you need an access road for the fire department of three meters."

In the following dispute, maisch explained that it was not possible to prevent someone from parking on the street in adelsdorf, to which sanger replied "here we have a permit, but this (in neuhaus) is a new development" replied. Fischkal tried to be a smooth operator and pointed out that the increased public use of land would affect the price of land. "February 2019 it was still seven meters", bubel "then five meters" came forward. "The wider the road, the faster you drive", said fischkal, and sabine henneberger from the maisch office pointed out that, after all, two parking spaces have to be provided on each plot of land. Andreas maier (CSU) suggested to make the street half a meter wider, whereupon gunter munch () declared: "my opinion is that we create parking lots!"

After some further back and forth, fischkal brought the proposal to widen the road in the inner area of the construction area to 5.50 meters from fence to fence to a vote. "5.50 meters for 29 houses. We had to get there." This proposal was passed without a dissenting vote. The request for additional parking spaces was subsequently rejected with only two votes in favor.


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