First leg: rannungen must give 100 percent

DJK altbessingen – TSV rannungen (wednesday, 18.30 o'clock)

"in this relegation round there is no favorite", warns TSV coach klaus seufert his proteges before the first meeting with DJK altbessingen. He feels confirmed in his already after the end of the season conjured opinion, spatestens but after the home defeat of his men against the spfr. Steinbach (1:2) and the elimination of the SV ramsthal against the DJK, which was against all expectations of the experts. "These were all scarce matters. Both steinbach and altbessingen showed once again that they can play good soccer and should not be underestimated, despite their poor starting position in the rematches."

That the "peepers ultimately saved after a treacherous game in the second relegation round, he sees as a shot in front of the bug. "My impressions of the altbessingers are that we are facing an opponent who can be quite dangerous for us if we don't play with concentration and bring 100 percent of our performance potential to the pitch."

Head out of the noose

The respect for the table runner-up in the schweinfurt 1 district league is in any case rough and justified, and the same can be heard from the opposite side. Their coach michael fery notes a growing self-confidence of his players, especially after the success in ramsthal: "after the draw in the first leg, hardly anyone was betting on us advancing." But his men pulled themselves out of the impending retirement, as it were, by the scruff of the neck. "We have implemented one hundred percent the maxim that we are not without a chance if we behave tactically smart and throw our fighting spirit into the balance."

Loss of strength for the players

As far as personnel is concerned, both sides kept quiet in advance. "In any case, there will be no major changes here", says the TSV trainer. Nevertheless, after the long season, some of the players have lost some of their strength. "We will face a strong opponent, who is good in defense and has technically skilled and experienced players in the midfield.", says seufert. "My findings from sunday evening are that rannungen has a strong goalkeeper, the defensive chain is stable and we have to effectively stop benjamin kaufmann's circles", says fery.

If you summarize the statements of the trainers, the chances are 50-50, the form of the day will be decisive. The smallest mistake can turn into a failure.


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