Steinwiesen with home advantage at the start: the goal is to stay in the class

The bicycle players of the 2. Bundesliga starts the new season next saturday. In this season, too, the formation markus michel/sebastian rehmet is part of the group north of the cycling club concordia (RVC) steinwiesen. Once again, the primary goal of the frankenwalde team is to stay in the league.

Last season, michel and rehmet clearly proved that they could hold their own among the top teams by finishing in a splendid fifth place in the zwolfer standings.

Right at the start the rodachtaler enjoyed home rights, whereby this is already the only play day in steinwiesen in this year. The event starts on saturday at 2 p.M. In the school gymnasium. The duo michel/rehmet will take the lead in the first match of the day against RSV sangerhausen II. Since this is a newcomer to the league from saxony-anhalt, its playing strength cannot yet be estimated.

Against 14.35 a.M. Steinwiesen meets last year’s third-place finisher RSV grobkoschen from oberspreewald. The two other opponents in the further course are the SG niederlauterstein I and II. While the first team of the saxonians has recently occupied the eighth place in the table, the second team is another newcomer.

A total of eleven encounters are on the program, whereby the field of participants with six teams still the first representation of sangerhausen completes. The other doubleheader with the remaining six clubs takes place this saturday in luckenwalde.

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