Luisa and the strong men

The scene is reminiscent of kate winslet and leonard dicaprio on the titanic: a muscular young man lifts luisa seemingly effortlessly into the air, she spreads her arms and appears to fly. This happened at the calendar girl party in neumarkt, which was organized by the bavarian young farmers’ association on saturday. At the event in the jurahalle there, all six bavarian models – the other six calendar pages were designed by girls from austria – were presented to the audience.

Luisa schnapp had organized a bus ride from frauendorf to neumarkt beforehand. She invited her whole fan club. No fewer than 58 people accompanied the 20-year-old toolmaker to the upper palatinate region of germany. Parents, aunts, uncles and friends were part of the party. "On the way there, everyone was already cheering for our calendar girl luisa", reports father achim schnapp.

In the evening, the calendar girls met up with their respective fan clubs in the jurahalle, dressed in their traditional dirndls. A small ceremony with prominent people from agriculture and politics preceded the event. Then it was off in the hall – live music by the band "gipfelsturmer", there was also an acrobatics show.
The highlight of the evening was the entrance of the girls, who were riding on a carriage. The carriage was not pulled by ponies, but by muscular acrobats. There followed the presentation of the individual models on the stage and then the actual presentation of the young farmers calendar with autograph session.

"Standing on a stage like that with so many people was an insanely good feeling, it was really warm because of all the headlights", says luisa. "My family and friends cheered me on all night long."

"The boys carried us on their shoulders to the stage, and then each of them did a different lifting figure with the boys", drive luisa away. "I was asked by the moderator about my usual job: a tool mechanic, grown up on a farm and now working with a lot of men?" He asked her how she came to choose a technical profession rather than a typical woman’s one. "He was really amazed at my manly profession", she tells with amusement.

But even the best party comes to an end. Luisa and her fan club started their journey home early on sunday morning. Achim schnapp prints it briefly and succinctly like this: "early in the morning, everyone was exhausted, we set off on our journey home."


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