Ber operators review flight restrictions early in the morning

Ber operators review flight restrictions early in the morning

A few weeks before the state elections in brandenburg, the discussion about more night-time rest at the future BER airport in the german capital is gaining momentum.

The airport company wants to find out whether domestic flights in germany will improve in the period 05.00 a.M. To 06 a.M.00 can be avoided, the owners announced after a shareholders’ meeting in potsdam on thursday.

"The resolution on this was adopted by a majority of the states of berlin and brandenburg after intensive debate in the committee," announced the chairman of the meeting, rainer bretschneider. "The federal government, as a shareholder, did not join the project for reasons of principle."

"It has become clear that we may have room for maneuver here that will not significantly affect the economic situation of the airport," said berlin’s finance senator matthias kollatz (SPD) afterwards. However, it remains to be seen whether there will be any substantial changes to the previous plans. The airport company is to prepare an analysis by the end of the year. Brandenburg had previously demanded that only intercontinental flights be allowed during this time.

Both – intercontinental flights and domestic flights – are before 06.00 o’clock so far, however, to the existing berlin airport anyway the exception. There are only six long-haul destinations. In tegel only allowed from 06.00 a.M. Flights. For the BER is a flight ban from midnight to 05.00 o’clock. In the marginal periods, two hours before and one hour after, the number of flights is limited.

Brandenburg’s SPD-led state government had to act, however. The state parliament had successfully passed a referendum to extend the ban on night flights from 22 hours to 30 hours.00 a.M. To 06.00 o’clock in 2013 adopted. In previous negotiations, however, the airport’s co-owners, berlin and the federal government, had rebuffed brandenburg.

Ahead of the state elections in brandenburg on 1 january, the. On september, the topic was once again on the agenda of the regular shareholders’ meeting. Brandenburg’s minister president dietmar woidke (SPD) considered the planned review a success. "I am pleased that berlin is now siding with brandenburg and the residents of berlin," said woidke. "The decision is an important milestone on the way to an additional hour of night rest from 5 to 6 a.M." .

The economy warned of concessions. "The goal of BER is to better connect business and citizens in the region to international air traffic," announced the berlin-brandenburg business association. "Anyone who tightens the ban on night flights is saying goodbye to it."The berlin chamber of industry and commerce expressed a similar opinion.

Most recently, the bankruptcy of air berlin had somewhat lowered the alarm around berlin’s tegel airport. Because with air berlin disappeared in the fall of 2017 in tegel long-haul connections, for which coarser and louder aircraft are used, as it says in the report. Today’s major airport customer easyjet uses the same aircraft, but with comparatively low-noise flight procedures. Noise levels at schonefeld airport remained virtually unchanged.

At BER, staggered take-off and landing fees of between 40 and 7500 euros per flight movement should also encourage airlines to fly more quietly, as has already been announced. The fee model, for which the takeoff and landing noise is measured for each flight, is intended to reward quiet flying and financially penalize noisier takeoffs and landings. In the margins of 05.00 to 06.00 o’clock as well as from 22.00 and 24.00 o’clock the fees are to be considerably higher than during the core hours.


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