Criticism of the condition of the bad kissingen ring road

Heinz steidle is a mobile senior: the 78-year-old drives a car almost every day, among other things to take his wife lieselotte to the doctor or for treatment. "My wife suffers from disc problems", tells the former head of the district court in bad kissingen. He is all the more annoyed by the potholes and depressions along the city ring road: for his wife, "driving along these stretches is always painful". In addition to damage to vehicles, steidle also thinks of others: "the lamb load on residents is unacceptable, especially on the westring." That’s why he wrote to the state building department. But this points – at least in part – to the city. A back and forth.

"The state of construction of the federal and state highways in the area of the city of bad kissingen has been catastrophically bad for years", wrote steidle to schweinfurt. He specifically criticizes the condition of the westring from the town sign to the garitz intersection, the sunken caps on the ostring, the road surface at the erhardstrabe and kapellenstrabe junctions, and the bike lanes along the east and north rings. In steidle’s opinion, the building authority cannot simply refer to upcoming tree removals at the garitz intersection, for example, or the sewer construction in erhardstrabe: "that cannot justify the failure to repair this serious damage, which also affects traffic safety."

Agreement with the city

The answer came in writing: "although the roads you refer to are roads that are the responsibility of the federal government or the state, the city of bad kissingen is responsible for maintenance and repair in accordance with an agreement", wrote rudiger kohler, the construction director responsible for the district of bad kissingen. The building authority was only in favor of "extensive measures that intervene more deeply in the trench construction", responsible. For example, for the conversion of the garitz intersection into a traffic circle and the renewal of the west ring road.

"Our goal is to start building there in the spring of 2020", kohler announces in response to a question from the editorial team. Nevertheless, potholes that endangered traffic safety had to be removed. "This is what the trenchery does on its own." At the garitz intersection, on the other hand, the authorities have already taken action: despite the planned renewal, the deep ruts were chipped away in the fall and smaller sections of the road were even renewed. "We also removed some damage between arnshausen and oerlenbach", reports kohler.

Weekly inspections

City hall spokesman thomas hack admits when asked that the city has only taken over maintenance from the end of the sudbrucke to the nordbrucke. The west ring road up to the town exit in the direction of albertshausen is therefore excluded. "The basic task is to ensure traffic safety, i.E. No basic road construction work, but potholes, ruts, winter road maintenance, road cleaning", hack summarizes, and: "manhole covers are a matter for the municipality anyway."

"Traffic safety is inspected and inventoried on a weekly basis", hack describes the process. For the federal and state roads alone, 45,000 euros are earmarked in the city budget for structural maintenance; for example, small-scale ceiling repairs are planned for this year on munnerstadter strabe. The cost of cleaning and winter maintenance cannot be quantified individually.

According to hack, the state building authority is transferring around 80,000 euros to the city to help with maintenance. "This is less than what we are spending", hack is certain. That’s why there are currently negotiations to summarize and update the agreements.

Also oberburgermeister kay blankenburg has contacted heinz steidle: "I know that there will always be deficits, especially with regard to investments in roads and paths, because of the limited funds", emphasizes the OB. However, he refers to "for years and even more in the future, considerable efforts to keep the road network in bad kissingen at a safe and adequate level."


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