Are soybeans an alternative?

Are soybeans an alternative?

Could the cultivation of soybeans in the county of coburg be an alternative for agriculture? Climate change makes such questions necessary. Therefore the association of agricultural masters and trainers coburg dealt with the topic.

The rough attendance showed that many farmers are interested in growing soy, according to a press release of the bavarian farmers association. Chairman harald roth was able to bury many farmers at the event.


Soybean plants are grown on an experimental basis on the heilingloh farm in grobwalbur. A field holger heilingloh had made available for this purpose. Speaker matthias hoppert provided information on the cultivation of soybeans and explained to farmers that the warmth-loving plant prefers easily warmable, loose soil. Dryness is but rather not so good. Because the water demand is relatively high during blood and grain formation.

Yes, but …

Coburg is suitable for soybean cultivation due to its climatic conditions, but it will certainly not become a preferred location for it. "Practice must now show whether soybean cultivation can become established in coburg", said hoppert


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