A french village fair where everything is as it should be

A French village fair where everything is as it should be

The small town of hochstadt had a wonderful kerwaw weekend. Stefan kramer, the new chairman of the fire department association that organized the festival, was enthusiastic. "It couldn’t have been more beautiful, even the weather played along", he swarms "and with this well-coordinated team of eager helpers, everything runs smoothly."

Everyone benefited from the relaxed atmosphere and even the burgermeister showed up regularly, even if the biengarteners poured their own beer. In addition to a rich offer of food and drinks, there was again the opportunity for a cosy chat and get-together on the rough terrain around the fire station. While on saturday evening with gerald and manu two professional musicians played, the musical interludes on friday and sunday afternoon could almost be called spontaneous.

On sundays, the kairlindach trombone choir is also a welcome guest, switching effortlessly from sacred music at the traditional forest service in the cellars to french brass music in the marquee. This whole package of coziness, music, exuberant mood and contemplation will continue to be cultivated in biengarten and so kramer closes with the almost poetic words: "after the kerwa is before the kerwa"!".


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