City council: clearing the way for new local transport services

City council: clearing the way for new local transport services

The german city council does not expect a flood of new offers and providers at the start of the new passenger demand law this sunday.

Chief executive helmut dedy told the german press agency: "the cities are prepared for the upcoming tasks arising from the new law on the demand for persons. The way is thus clear for new, modern ride-hailing services that precisely complement the opnv. But it’s not a legal vacuum."

35 Million illegal firearms in the eu

35 million illegal firearms in the eu

According to official estimates, 35 million illegal firearms are in circulation in the european union. There are good laws against this, but they have not been implemented in all EU countries, criticized the responsible EU commissioner ylva johansson on friday in brussel.

It wants to tackle the problem with a new action plan and improve cooperation between investigators across europe.

Vw plans new edition of the phaeton luxury sedan

Vw plans new edition of the phaeton luxury sedan

The chemnitz daily newspaper "freie presse" had reported on this on wednesday. However, the company rejected information that the new phaeton is to roll off the production line as early as 2015. No definite decision has been made on this yet, volkswagen said.

The phaeton will be produced in the glass factory in dresden. It was considered one of the favorite projects of former VW CEO and current chairman of the supervisory board ferdinand piech. While the high-tech model has not been able to assert itself on the german market for a long time against the competition from BMW or mercedes benz, the wolfsburg company has scored points with the phaeton, especially in asia. 70 percent of luxury cars sold by VW to the far east.

Fallen tree stops vehicles on the highway

Although the wind speeds of the storm "sabine" were not reached, the traffic was diverted from the motorway reached. But also on sunday, during the course of the day, the strong wind caused by the storm low "yulia", in upper franconia, several trees were uprooted, construction fences knocked down and traffic signs knocked over, which in some cases led to considerable traffic obstructions, according to the police.

In the evening, a tree fell on the A70 highway between stadelhofen and schirradorf, spilling onto the through lane in the direction of bayreuth.

Beavering until spring: traffic chaos in the north

Winter keeps spring at a distance: heavy snowfall once again caused traffic chaos in northern germany on monday. Many truck drivers lost control of their vehicles, which were then parked at an angle and blocked the road. Traffic jams were reported on almost all freeways in the north of germany. In mecklenburg, the autobahn A 19 was closed for several hours. The winter road clearance service in hamburg was in rough shape.

Travelers in kiel and hamburg who wanted to change to the train also had a bad time: some long-distance trains were canceled, many regional trains were delayed. The reason for the delays was, besides the weather, warning strikes at the german railroads. In mecklenburg-vorpommern, snowdrifts between neubrandenburg and stralsund stopped rail traffic.

U.s. Market: german carmakers still on the upswing

u.s. market: german carmakers still on the upswing

"In the current year, the speed of the US market will be reduced somewhat, but north america remains on course for growth." While sales in europe have been stalling, the u.S. Market has been allowed to stay in the auind. The german association of the automotive industry (VDA) expects sales to grow from 14.4 million vehicles last year to more than 15 million this year – and that german brands will benefit more than average from this growth.

"In view of the model offensive that our member companies are showing in detroit, there is every reason to believe that we will continue to grow for the eighth year in a row," said wissmann. "It's the german manufacturers who are leading the way here in detroit in terms of premium and efficiency."