Fallen tree stops vehicles on the highway

Although the wind speeds of the storm "sabine" were not reached, the traffic was diverted from the motorway reached. But also on sunday, during the course of the day, the strong wind caused by the storm low "yulia", in upper franconia, several trees were uprooted, construction fences knocked down and traffic signs knocked over, which in some cases led to considerable traffic obstructions, according to the police.

In the evening, a tree fell on the A70 highway between stadelhofen and schirradorf, spilling onto the through lane in the direction of bayreuth.

As a result, cars gradually crashed into the fallen tree and also into each other. Due to evasive maneuvers, some vehicles also crashed into the guardrail. An eyewitness reported that he had no chance to avoid the tree. Fortunately, only one woman was slightly injured, according to firefighters on the scene, who said 17 vehicles were involved.

A devastating accident picture had been shown to the emergency services on the spot. The accident site stretched over 500 meters. Numerous cars were parked on the roadway with their hazard lights on.

The road had to be completely closed according to the police. Traffic was diverted from the highway at the stadelhofen junction. After an hour, traffic was able to move again without obstruction. The property damage amounted to approx. 60,000 euros.

All in all, from sunday afternoon until around 11 p.M., many weather-related operations had to be handled in the city and the district, according to the police operations center. From midnight on, however, the weather calmed down again, and fortunately there were no further incidents.


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