A lot has been done for the preservation of the town

A lot has been done for the preservation of the town

At the general meeting of the association for garden culture and local preservation giech, the first mayor of scheblitz, roland kauper, was able to present 18 honors at once. This is mainly due to the fact that the association, which was first founded in 1932, was revived in 1979 after a break of several years by a basic meeting with 42 members. As a result, this time alone there were 16 honors for 40-year memberships.

The mayor thanked the honorees for their long loyalty and the board for their good ideas and hard work. Kauper and the first president of the association, gundi gotz, presented honorary pins in gold with certificate for 40 years of membership, honorary pins in silver with certificate for 25 years of membership and flowers with vouchers.

The horticultural association is active in many ways in giech and starkschwind, and. A. Every year, flowers are purchased for the flower boxes of the bachgelanders.The young generation in the day care center and the elementary school supports the association by painting wooden bees and butterflies, which will spare the announced flower meadows at the entrance of the village.

In addition, the association takes part in the corpus christi procession as well as in the church procession. Every year there is an autumn party in the parish courtyard and an advent celebration.


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