The cross with the gyro

No matter whether the katzenbach theater group, who performed as moles, "this is our ball" or not, or the BSC lauter, which, as a direct neighbor of the newly created traffic circle, glossed it with three groups, almost always the one currently "decorated" with three crosses kreiselberg in the focus of local groups.

The katzemicher dance group "the koalis noticed that the traffic circle was still missing some color, but the "kreiselgartnerei" (alex fehr and family) (alex fehr and family) liked to change. However, it is questionable whether the BSC players from the city of lauter will like this, as they see the traffic circle as their fourth sports ground. Still others not only acted as traffic circle builders, but also founded a traffic circle management team, complete with traffic circle trash can and traffic circle politician, in view of the new traffic obstacle’s grossness. Others, on the other hand, find the whole traffic circle too fast and prefer to go for a ride. But, among the 33 fub- and wagengroups there were not only locals, but also several groups from stralsbach, waldfenster, oehrberg, stangenroth and even hausen and most of them could admire the lauter traffic circle in nature on their way home. To "pull" him, as on one of the floats currently three crosses, one of which, however, already had to bow to the weather. The march of the costumed groups lasted a good hour, and the gaudiwurm ended in katzenbach at the local musicians’ home.

Retail building in bad bruckenau: opening in just over one year

retail building in bad bruckenau: opening in just over one year

Although not euphoric, the city council has taken note of the plans for the construction of new retail space in sinnau in a predominantly positive manner. Architect gerd graf presented the project in detail. Investor erwin barth was also present at the meeting, but did not comment on the project. In response to a question from the saale newspaper yesterday, barth enthused about bad bruckenau's magnetic function: "if the location were not ideal, we would not go there." For the location a few hundred meters from the marketplace, barth also accepts that he first has to have the building rubbed down and that he has to spend more money: "a good location is always a bit more expensive than a greenfield site."

Saddle roofs and wooden facades
"We will try to design it with a timeless architectural language", graf described the project. The stores are distributed over two buildings, which in turn are located several times apart. The surrounding area will also be included: "the existing bridge runs through the plant as a footpath," said graf, he referred to the connection between sense and sensibility. At the same time, however, the water should not find its way into the facility: "the whole level is taken out of the flood zone." The land will be filled up so far that it is on the same level as the sinnaustrabe.

Square gets new design

square gets new design

Some time ago, the poxdorf community council decided to demolish the old, dilapidated mortuary in the middle of the cemetery, close to the church, and to commission a new blessing hall. This will be built on an approximately 25 meter wide strip of the parking lot behind the cemetery, around which the cemetery will be grouted.

Elke dohler from the office of landscape architects ammermann-dohler (bamberg) explained to the council in which way the cemetery could be redesigned. "Small changes can have a big impact", she said, stressing that she has tried to develop a plan that suits the place and to use only materials from the region.

Crazy about firefighting

Crazy about firefighting

Holger fortsch does not make much fuss about himself. He is not a man of rough words, for him other pays. The 27-year-old has been a member of the fire department for 15 years, and it has defined his life ever since. Group leader, respirator wearer, youth leader in the michelau fire department – holger fortsch leaves nothing out: "after that, i'll probably do my platoon leader, but apart from that, i've had all the training you can have as a firefighter." He invests a lot of time in this. Out of curiosity, at the beginning of the year he wrote down how many hours he spends with the fire department. "But I let it go again in february", he says and laughs.

Fortsch can stand a day without firefighting, but he prefers to be with it. On vacation, he worries that he could miss a mission of his fire brigade. "But then you're just not there", says holger fortsch. But it takes a few days for this idea to get the upper hand.

City council: clearing the way for new local transport services

City council: clearing the way for new local transport services

The german city council does not expect a flood of new offers and providers at the start of the new passenger demand law this sunday.

Chief executive helmut dedy told the german press agency: "the cities are prepared for the upcoming tasks arising from the new law on the demand for persons. The way is thus clear for new, modern ride-hailing services that precisely complement the opnv. But it’s not a legal vacuum."

Olympique marseille dismisses national player evra

Olympique marseille dismisses national player evra

The club announced that club president jacques-henri eyraud had told the 36-year-old in a personal conversation. Evra was involved in an argument with his own fans before the game at vitoria guimaraes in the european league and allegedly tried to kick a spectator.

Evra was already shown the red card before the game, and he is also facing a longer ban than the minimum of one game. UEFA plans to hold the match on 10 march. November to decide. His club initiated an investigation against the defender immediately after the incident and drew the first consequences with his dismissal a few hours later. Evra is now to appear before possible further disciplinary measures of the club again for an interview with his club.

Schumann wants a feel-good community

The overcrowded inn testified to the aurachtaler’s raw interest in their community. The incumbent mayor, klaus schumann (uwb), who will also be running in the 15. Marz, who is running for mayor again, had invited guests to the jordan inn in falkendorf. For the non-punctual visitors there was then only standing room left.

After looking back over the past six years, the mayor introduced "each other" to the company in the foreground. In this context, schumann mentioned the "IG kinder" with its offerings to children and young people, particularly in the vacation program. Also the joint "dirt-away day" or the garage toboggan as well as the joint new year’s eve party or skiing in the partner community of reichenfels contributed to the community’s cohesion.

Inflation in the euro zone falls more sharply than expected

Inflation in the euro zone falls more sharply than expected

Inflation in the euro zone fell even more than expected in april. As the eurostat statistics office announced in luxembourg on wednesday, consumer prices were 0.3 percent higher than a year earlier.

In march, the inflation rate had been 0.7 percent. In an initial estimate, an increase of 0.4 percent had been determined. Economists had expected the first estimate to be confirmed. Cost of living increased by 0.3 percent month-on-month.

Bavaria stands “loyal” to hoeneb – debate about resignation

bavaria stands 'loyal' to hoeneb - debate about resignation

The bavarian gangs demonstratively bolstered the back of their ailing president uli hoeneb with emotional speeches. But the pressure on hoeneb especially from politics is increasing.

After the revelations in the tax affair and the temporary arrest of the club’s patron, on wednesday not only interior minister hans-peter friedrich and SPD chancellor candidate peer steinbruck demanded full disclosure without celebrity bonus. Two-thirds of germans expect hoeneb to resign, but he himself expects only personal damage to his image. "I realize that my credibility suffers from it. But I have to get through this now," he told "sport bild.