Drunk driver flees from the police

Drunk driver flees from the police

In pommelsbrunn (nurnberger land), the 43-year-old driver of a VW was to be subjected to a traffic control at around 0:45 a.M. He reacted to the officers’ signals to stop only by increasing his speed and racing through various towns and villages, sometimes at over 140 km/h. After passing through a town, he continued on a country lane and continued to try to escape. Before a right turn there was a collision between the car and the patrol car. On the slippery ground, the two vehicles started to roll and finally came to a halt in a meadow.

Without offering any resistance, the accused finally allowed himself to be arrested. The reason for his escape was quickly found when the test on the breathalyzer showed a value above the absolute limit for driving (over 1.1 per mille). In addition, the police found a one-handed knife on the man. He now has to answer for suspicion of endangering traffic and a misdemeanor under the weapons law.


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