35 Million illegal firearms in the eu

35 million illegal firearms in the eu

According to official estimates, 35 million illegal firearms are in circulation in the european union. There are good laws against this, but they have not been implemented in all EU countries, criticized the responsible EU commissioner ylva johansson on friday in brussel.

It wants to tackle the problem with a new action plan and improve cooperation between investigators across europe.

The smuggling of firearms in express packages, in cars and long-distance buses – called "ant trade" – is to be targeted. In addition, there are signal pistols that can easily be converted into lethal weapons and the import of weapon parts that are assembled and sometimes completed with the help of 3D printers.

The action plan is intended to ensure that EU countries find a common approach, especially since some countries have legal weapons that others have banned. On the other hand, uniform standards should show where the EU states stand, for example in the number of seized or confiscated weapons, investigation procedures and convictions. The existing cooperation with the balkan countries should also be better coordinated.


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