75 Million euros for schools in habfurt and ebern

75 million euros for schools in habfurt and ebern

"We stand behind our schools", district administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU) announced the project at a press conference on thursday. In total, around 75 million euros will be invested in the habfurt and ebern school sites over the next few years.

The general renovation of the heinrich-thein vocational school in habfurt is being carried out in four construction phases. First the reconstruction of the transformer station, the renewal of the heating center as well as the supply and disposal systems in the rough main building will be carried out. The second construction phase concerns the former break sales, housekeeping and auditorium areas. Finally, the main building and then the workshops will be refurbished.

Due to the renewed coordination of the space requirements and the high demand quota, the government of lower franconia (wurzburg) was unable to grant an early start of the acceptance procedure. Instead, the district received three clearance certificates for construction phase one and the dismantling work for construction phase two. This enabled the general renovation to begin in may 2018, in accordance with the construction schedule, even without an early start to the acceptance procedure, and the acceptance procedures were carried out on time – without any negative impact on the claim.

The space program of 2014, with a recognized required area of 4268 square meters, did not take into account the existing building structure, nor the actual required area of the vocational school. The renegotiations with the government led to a completely new space program, in which 5384 square meters are now recognized as demandable. As a result, 21,440,000 euros of the total sum of around 25 million euros will now be taken into account as eligible costs by the government. With a subsidy rate of 77 percent, which is the basis for the government’s approval letter, the county is left with its own share of just under 8.5 million euros. The total completion is foreseen until 2024.

The school center association, which includes the district and the city of habfurt, has been expanding and renovating the main building at tricastiner platz since 2010. The renovation of the last western section of the building, which houses the rooms for the secondary school, was actually supposed to be completed by the end of the 2017/2018 school year. However, unexpected structural problems arose during demolition work on this part of the building. A specific static situation was used as a basis for the planning of the demolition, but this situation turned out to be different during the demolition work. This situation made it impossible to implement the original procedure for the restoration of the static joint and thus of the building. In march 2017, construction was halted because the current situation had to be re-evaluated from scratch.

"Safety always comes first", explained the district administrator, even if the interruption in construction of around 17 months was quite long. A leipzig institute examined the actual load-bearing capacity in a hydraulic-pneumatic procedure. The main focus was on the quality and composition of the concrete components. The findings were then translated by the structural engineer into a concept for strengthening the structurally relevant building components. After further necessary discussions with all parties involved, the shell construction company was finally able to start work at the end of august 2018.

Due to the construction delay, the construction schedule was redrawn. The completion date for the fourth construction phase is now scheduled for spring 2020. The changed static situation requires a different version of the reinforcement of the structurally relevant components, which entails higher costs. These costs amount to approximately 950,000 euros. In addition, the construction companies, which have been under contract since 2016, can no longer maintain their standard prices due to the current market situation. Taking into account the increased cost of labor and materials, this will also lead to a cost increase of around 500,000 euros. It is not yet possible to assess the overall cost development with any certainty, because the market currently makes it difficult to make a forecast.

Schneider described the flat planning for the new friedrichruckert high school in ebern as a precision landing. Except for a few square meters, everything would probably be recognized. Pending a final decision from the government, which is expected to be available in three weeks, the district assumes that the expanded space requirement of 5339 square meters will be recognized as eligible for funding. With estimated construction costs of around 29 million euros, the costs to be claimed will probably be just under 23 million euros. Assuming the same rate of funding as for the heinrich-thein vocational school (77 percent), the county’s own contribution would be a good 10.3 million euros. The construction period is scheduled to last from spring 2019 to 2024. The district administrator praised the planning services of the engineering firm baur consult and the perfect cooperation with both the school and the district’s building construction department.


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