Monti fears bankruptcy for sicily

Monti fears bankruptcy for sicily

In a letter he has therefore asked the governor of the island, raffaele lombardo, to accept his resignation, already publicly announced, on 31 december. July now to confirm. As the milanese "corriere della sera" reported on wednesday, a financial collapse of the southern region could damage monti’s savings and reform plans. The island had to be governed provisionally.

A powerful policy against the crisis in sicily also depends on "the situation of the government at the regional level," monti made clear the need for change. From the romanian point of view, the regional authorities are not the least responsible for the impending bankruptcy in sicily.

Lombardo may well go down in history as the sicilian who gave the island the coup de grace with his policies, but he was not solely responsible for the situation, said "la repubblica" about the "monkey island. Palermo is now close to athens. Other media on wednesday called sicily the "greece of italy".

Corruption and nepotism have long had a grip on sicily, the base and home island of the mafiosi of the "cosa nostra. The largest italian island, one of the poorest regions, has a bloated state apparatus with tens of thousands of employees.

Turin’s "la stampa" calls sicily "a region used by politicians as an ATM". Lombardo, for example, is italy’s highest-paid governor with a net salary of almost 16,000 euros a month – in italy’s region with the most state employees.

Sicily’s debt stood at 21 billion euros at the end of 2011, according to the italian court of auditors. Lombardo, sicily’s president since 2008, only said to monti’s letter that he would step down, that the region’s accounts were in order. He wants to convince monti of this in a meeting next week. 61-year-old lombardo under investigation by catania prosecutors for possible mafia involvement.

Monti had recently launched a strict austerity plan with job cuts and shortcuts for the civil service and the italian state apparatus. The non-partisan technocrat is trying to bring the heavily indebted and recession-stricken country up to speed with a whole series of reforms.

The third largest economy in the euro zone is under massive pressure from the financial markets. Against this backdrop, the former EU commissioner’s "ultimatum" to the governor to clear the way for solutions "with more effective and appropriate instruments" by resigning now is apt.


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