Beavering until spring: traffic chaos in the north

Winter keeps spring at a distance: heavy snowfall once again caused traffic chaos in northern germany on monday. Many truck drivers lost control of their vehicles, which were then parked at an angle and blocked the road. Traffic jams were reported on almost all freeways in the north of germany. In mecklenburg, the autobahn A 19 was closed for several hours. The winter road clearance service in hamburg was in rough shape.

Travelers in kiel and hamburg who wanted to change to the train also had a bad time: some long-distance trains were canceled, many regional trains were delayed. The reason for the delays was, besides the weather, warning strikes at the german railroads. In mecklenburg-vorpommern, snowdrifts between neubrandenburg and stralsund stopped rail traffic.

Luneburg police reported at least eight trucks jackknifed this morning. For example, highway 7 in the direction of hanover was temporarily closed between bispingen and evendorf because three trucks were blocking the road there. A truck had jackknifed on a slippery road on the A39 near luneburg. This highway was also fully closed. North of schwerin, a tractor-trailer loaded with 180 live pigs overturned on a federal highway and blocked the roadways.

The north frisian islands experienced an icy start to the easter vacations: icy easterly winds drove the snow over sylt and the neighboring islands with wind speeds of up to 68 kilometers per hour, according to the german weather service (DWD) this morning. Gale-force winds caused snow drifts.

On sunday evening, strong winds had already blown snow onto highway 19 near glasewitz in mecklenburg. As a result, there were four accidents with a total of six people injured. The A 19 motorway was closed for several hours in the direction of rostock. A policeman and a woman helper were seriously injured in an accident. They had come to the aid of two motorists who had overturned their car and also suffered serious injuries in the process. A car driver crashed into this accident site. On the same kilometer of the highway, two other cars left the road.


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