Youth parliament for the city?

Youth parliament for the city?

Bad staffelstein recently proved that cooperation between young people and the city authorities can bear fruit with the rebuilding of the skate park. In order to write more success stories like this, the city’s youth representative, holger then, has submitted an application to the mayor and the city council for the adoption of a statute for the realization of a youth parliament in bad staffelstein.

The purpose of such a parliament is to represent the interests of the youth in the city of bad staffelstein and thus to establish an instrument that gives a voice to those not yet entitled to vote. "The distance between the youth and the city council is unfortunately often too rough. A youth parliament can help here", says then. The application has already been submitted to the city council and will be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

Tasks and rights

The youth parliament shall consist of ten members who have not reached the age of 14 at the time of election. Have reached the age of 18 and have not yet reached the age of 18. The parliament may then, in at least four meetings per year, draft motions and recommendations to be submitted to the city council. This must address the issues within three months. In addition, the youth parliament is to be given its own budget. Currently the sum of 500 euro is in the room for this budget.

Who is allowed in the youth parliament?

Young people who are at least 14 but not yet 18 years old and whose main place of residence is in bad staffelstein may stand for election and thus be candidates for the youth parliament. A written application is required, including information on education, main interests and motivation for the candidacy. All other youths who meet the same requirements are eligible to vote. The type of election has not yet been determined – conceivable is a polling station determined by burgermeister jurgen kohmann (CSU) or a brieahl.

Youth representative is a binding member

Holger then, in his function as youth representative and city councilor, is the link between the youth parliament and the mayor and city council. He will also coordinate at least the first meeting of the parliament – whether his help will still be needed after that will then be in the hands of the youth parliament. With the introduction of such a parliament then hopes for a "better networking of the existing structures of youth work."

Decision lies with the city council

But it remains to be seen whether this will actually happen. For first, the city council must vote on whether to accept the motion of then. Only then the way would be paved for the candidate search and the following election. According to the youth representative, the chances of this happening are not bad. "The enactment of the statute does not hurt anyone", says then and adds: "my desired start date is autumn 2018."


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