The huguenot city is a landmark

The Huguenot City is a landmark

Erlangen’s former mayor and honorary citizen dietmar hahlweg (SPD) celebrated his 85th birthday on new year’s eve. Birthday celebrated. For 24 years, from 1972 to 1996, dietmar hahlweg, who was born in silesia and grew up in upper franconia, guided the fortunes of the city of hugenots.

After a stay in the USA as a fulbright scholar, he came to the erlangen district office in 1964. Seven years later, in 1971, the doctor of law became head of the department for planning and building law at the government of central franconia. His first election as mayor of erlangen in 1972 was followed by re-election in 1978, 1984 and 1990.

To this day, the name of the popular politician remains closely associated with the issues of the environment and popular understanding, according to a press release from the erlangen city administration. He advocated a sustainable balance of economy, ecology and social concerns. Above all, his commitment to the promotion of cycling and public transport, as well as the protection of the natural environment, has earned him great respect far beyond the city’s borders, and has earned him an international reputation and numerous awards.

In 1990 and 1991, the hugenottenstadt won the title of "federal capital for nature and environmental protection" awarded by the deutsche umwelthilfe (german environmental aid organization). Honors of the united nations or the organization "making cities livable" were added. Hahlweg was also one of the pacemakers of a modern urban society through his commitment to popular understanding through city partnerships, the integration of people with an immigrant background, and greater participation by all citizens in local politics.

Accents in the cultural sector

Ara hahlweg has also set special accents in the areas of culture and urban design. This includes, for example, cultural highlights such as the comic salon, the poetry festival and the international figure theater festival, but also the redesign of the neustadt and altstadt church squares, the bohlenplatz square and the burgberg garden with the sculptures of the artist heinrich kirchner.

After 24 years in office, he decided not to run again in 1996. His great merits were acknowledged by the city council on 30. April 1996, hahlweg’s last day as mayor, with the bestowal of the honorary citizenship. In january 2020, an official birthday reception is planned in the redoubt hall.


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