Emergency landing of boeing 737 max in the usa

emergency landing of boeing 737 max in the usa

The plane of the U.S. Airline southwest airlines had to turn around shortly after takeoff from orlando airport in the U.S. State of florida on tuesday afternoon (local time) because of the difficulties and then landed safely again in orlando, said a spokesman for the U.S. Aviation authority FAA at the request of the german press agency. When asked, the airline itself stated that there were no passengers on board, only crew members.

A southwest airlines spokesman also said the aircraft was en route to a storage facility in victorville, california, where aircraft that have been discarded or are in need of repair are housed. The affected aircraft will now be moved to the maintenance area at orlando airport for investigation. He also said that shortly after takeoff from orlando, the pilots reported problems with one of the engines and turned back.

Within a few months, two boeing 737 planes had crashed in indonesia and athiopia. Numerous countries, including the USA, have therefore banned flights of this model. However, flights without passengers are permitted in order to transport these aircraft, for example, for temporary storage at another location – as in the case of the southwest aircraft.

A boeing 737 max 8 aircraft operated by ethiopian airline was on 10. Marz died in athiopia. 157 people died. A few months earlier, a plane of the same type crashed in indonesia, killing 189 people. It is suspected that the MCAS control software specially developed for the new 737 max aircraft series could have been a major cause of the accident.


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